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Hunting Retriever Puppies for Sale

  John Amico

  OK-United States


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Eight Black pups born July 22, 2013 (five females/three males)

I selected Hank as a stud because of Lame Duck’s Duke of Goosingham, the get of 1991 English NRFTCH Pocklea Remus x Middlegate Ria SH Field Trial Winner. English Field Trial dogs generally have more drive than their British counterparts, but retain their looks and personality. This dog was then crossed over winning bloodlines of American field trial bitches, consistently producing the desirable traits breeders are looking for – athleticism, marking ability, and trainability.

Hank also throws the traits that hunters want – dogs that are pleasing to the eye and tractable, and because of his American side, his pups have plenty of hunt in them, by American standards.

Charlie is the progeny of my Deep Fork line of hunting retrievers bred in line with the most successful field trial crosses in the past 30 years. What I’m known for is breeding consistency in drive, personality and looks and I expect these pups to look and perform in the same top quality manner as they have for years.

Price: $1200

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