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MH FC AFC VC HOF >>Pups Available NOW<<

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Riley is the result of our 2008 pairing of Sternjagers Safe Return  and VC Sharpshooters Let ‘er Rip.  That combination proved so successful that the litter won a NAVHDA Breeder Award.   While Riley will work as hard in the water as in the field, it is in the field that she truly shines.  Her search is athletic and very purposeful, and to see her work a field leaves little doubt of the presence of game.  Riley handles her birds with intensity.  She consistently demonstrates a strong use of nose in finding game and in tracking both drags and fresh downed wild game.  Riley has no hesitance of any retrieve, fur or feather, land or water.

Selecting Rudy to pair with Riley was a step out of the box for us as we have selected NAVHDA stud dogs for all of our previous litters.  Rudy is the result of a Kansas breeding program that I have been watching since I arrived in Kansas more than twelve years ago.  While some of the progeny have competed in modern hunt tests, it is to be honest a trial by fire breeding program.  Dogs that excel on hunting wild game are genetically included, and dogs that do not excel at hunting wild game are removed.  

Rudy’s linage is strongly influenced by Danish lines, paired with the icons of our breed from Germany and the United States.   His pedigree includes names such as Moesgaard, Esterhof, Holvgaards, Pax, Hillshaven, Brown L, Jigs White Smoke, Esser Chick, Wasserschling, Bramautal, Westwind, Dixieland, Haag, Trebors, Albrechts, Wolfswiese Radbach, and Rawhide.  While the current breeding program relies on direct observations hunting wild game for breeding selection, and has not campaigned a dog for tittles, you don’t have to delve far into Rudy’s linage find the Show Champion (CH),  Dual Champions (DC), Field Champions (FC), Amateur Field Champions (AFC), Versatile Champion (VC), Master Hunter (MH), Kurzhaar Sieger (KS) and significant number Hall of Fame (HOF) titled parentage. There is little doubt he hails from all the right stuff.
It is expected that pups from the pairing of Rudy and Riley will develop readily into athletic hunter-companions that will produce game for the gun at a medium range.

Sire and Dam pedigree information (5 generations) is available on our website. The dams pedigree is all the best of NAVHDA. Email us for even more detailed Sire pedigree information, going back to the foundation of the breed.