Excellent Hunting/Family Yellow Labradors

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Excellent Hunting/Family Yellow Labradors

  Kevin Eskam

  43848 WCR 31
          Pierce, Colorado - United States



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4XGMPR HRCH Clouds Bold Bear of Nereus x HR Chelsea Snow Angel JH

This is a repeat breeding of 2 awesome hunting/family dogs. The litter was born 9-30-12 and will be ready to go home the end of November. These puppies will be full of desire and eager to learn and will be excellent family dogs.

Chelsea is intense in the field and focused to find the birds, she also like to waterfowl hunt and finds the birds quickly once they are down. Chelsea finished 1st in the Wyoming State Pheasant Championships 4 years ago and finished 2nd in the Colorado State Pheasant Championships in 2011 and has placed in several other run and gun events. She is a Seasoned Retriever and a Junior Hunter but as much as she loves to hunt and train she can shut it off in the house. Chelsea is CNM and PRA clear, her hips are good and her elbows are normal, her eyes are also normal. Chelsea loves kids and lives for the times our Grandkids come over to visit.

Many who have seen Bear perform in hunt test or hunting have said he is a once in a lifetime dog ( for his overall skills, drive, personality and trainability ). Bear is as smart as they come, he is super trainable, has endless energy to hunt upland or waterfowl, points like a rock and is super friendly and mellow at home. Bear is the ideal hunting/family dog and his on/off switch is as good as it gets. Bear is a 4X Grand Master Pointing Retriever a Hunting Retriever Champion and a Senior Hunter, he is also working towards his MH Title with AKC. Bear is EIC, CNM and PRA clear, his hips are excellent and his elbows are normal, his eyes are also normal.

Both Chelsea and Bear are serious hunting dogs not just hunt-testers. Bear has been on over 60 hunts in ND, SD, KS and CO, Chelsea has hunted in SD, KS and CO. Many people want to hunt over both Chelsea and Bear because they know they will not give up until they find the bird.

Link to Chelsea hunting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Vj_sRgFxIs&feature=share&list=UUMi-oKCdPfvsb_2PH7YEwUQ

Link to Bear: http://youtu.be/AY8ocsPNKts

Link to the puppies at 6 days old: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTPzhEzy1L0&feature=share&list=UUMi-oKCdPfvsb_2PH7YEwUQ

For information about Chelsea please contact
Kevin Eskam 970-213-5758

For information about Bear please contact
Bob Zachman