4XGMPR,HRCH,MH,SHR, titled Sire & Dam

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4XGMPR,HRCH,MH,SHR, titled Sire & Dam

  Luke Sannerud

  2676 558th st
          Granite falls , Minnesota - United States


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Rosco is everything you could ever want in a hunting dog/pointing lab. He is a very strong marker, a fast learner, and loves to please his handler. In the upland he is an incredible animal with great endurance and stamina, his point is strong and very stylish?most of them being tri pod. He can really get out and cover all the ground you want him to. He has wowed many people with his hunting ability while in the fields of South Dakota guiding. Rosco has earned every title we have ever asked of him. APR & 4X GMPR in the APLA going 9 for 11. He also has earned his SH & MH in the AKC. This spring he earned his HRCH title going 7 for 8 in finished tests. This upcoming year we will be trying our hand in bird dog competitions. He is what we consider the total package in a stud dog. He is producing dogs with tons of ability look at the list below for titled dogs out of Rosco. He is available on a limited basis for public stud use.
Titled Offspring from Rosco:
1.5XGMPR HR CK's Jettas Say Hey Kid SH
GMPR Rockin Rookie of East Point SH
GMPR Highpoints All Jacked Up
MPR Annies Always Ready and Able JH
APR Red Rock's Russell T
CPR Roscos Peco Train
CPR Red Rock Hawk of Big Island
CPR Prairie Pts Jameson Rocks Waterman Creek
CPR Butch The Little Rosco EC
CPR Iowa Pointing Labs Hogans Hero
CPR Iowa Pointing Labs Rocky
CPR Northstars Hoosier Daddy?
CPR SCK Corky's Bearpoint Rose
CPR Carts Islands Hillbilly Bones of NS
SHR Hi Lo Ranch Sensation Sage

Brie earned her started hunter retriever title at 9 months. She started very young and has not slowed down at all. Brie is very intense and extremely intelligent. She learns new things very quickly and is an excellent marker. She marks as well on the water as she dose on land. She has a beautiful point and lives to retrieve. She will hunt all day if you can keep up with her. She is 63 pounds of solid muscle and Heart!

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