"Watermark's The Boss" Grandsired Pups, Black and Yellow

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"Watermark's The Boss" Grandsired Pups, Black and Yellow

  Eric Sutton

  TX-United States


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Sire: "Xtreme's Bosmo", son of "Watermark's The Boss"
Dame: "Soggy Bottom's Miss Sadie" 16 Field Champions in her Pedigree, Candlewood Blood lines.
Born 5/25/12, ready to go home 7/13/12, 5 black females, 5 black males, 1 yellow female, 1 yellow male.

At Elite Gundogs, our primary focus is training, although our clients consistently request breedings of our quality field bred labs. We only produce a litter every 1-2 years because we take the task of whelping puppies, effectively socializing them, properly introducing the pups to gunfire/ water etc. so seriously. Our goal is not just to breed 2 dogs with great pedigrees but to combine positive physical characteristics and personality traits to make what we like to call "The Elite Dual Purpose Dog".

With three field bread Labrador Retrievers of our own, we understand how important it is to have a dog with intense drive that is still capable of being in your home and an obedient member of your family. When we breed we strive to combine strong drive with positive personality traits to be sure that we are producing gentle, intelligent, social, obedient, driven dogs that will mesh with your family as well as your hunting schedule. These pups come with a 1 year guarantee, if you take one of our pups home and decide that it's not the best field bred pup you have ever owned, we welcome you to bring it back for a full refund.

To read more about the positive personality traits of our Sire and Dame and why we think these traits combine to make Elite Dual Purpose puppies please visit our website. You can also follow us on Facebook for puppy updates, more pictures and to follow our daily care schedule of the pups.