FOX RED POINTING LABS GMPR Jack x Iowa Pointing Labs Annie

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FOX RED POINTING LABS GMPR Jack x Iowa Pointing Labs Annie

  Tim Galeazzi

  1111 hwy S71
          Knoxville, Iowa - United States


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Puppies whelped on April 12th having 2 females and 6 males. We have 3 males available. Puppies ure to go home on May 26th. This is a unique litter of pointing lab puppies because the coat color will be dark yellow to fox red and small in size. The puppies full grown will be in the 50 -60lb range. These puppies will have a very loving and kind personality in the home or hunting pheasants in South Dakota. They should have a very strong natural point with a high drive to retrieve birds. The price is $1200 for females and $1000 for the males and as of 2/2312 we a have deposits available. Sire GMPR HR Pennel's Jackson Deuce SH (Jack) is a 55lb compact -- but big hearted -- "Fox Red" dog that hails from K and L Kennels. Iowa Pointing Labs have done a complete examination of Jack as we have hunted behind him and watched him retrieve several ducks. In addition to that we have seen what he produces. Rock solid pointing Labradors. Jack has a large square head, and a very pleasing confirmation overall. If you are looking for a smaller Labrador pointer/retriever -- but one that still looks like a lab should look -- Jack is the ticket. His bloodline fits very well for this litter. He is the son of GMPR Wannamaker’s Hot Tub SH -- which means that he comes from one of the best pointing lab bloodlines in the country. Jack and Tub puppies have proven over and over again that they are solid pointing labs that excel in the upland field, and the duck marsh. The beauty of Jack is that he is a good family dog as he is a house dog. At the end of the day he simply loves nothing more than having his ears scratched! If you are in need of a reference on Jack, contact Mike and John at K&L Kennels in Higginsville, MO (816-616-5942).Dam: Iowa Pointing Labs Annie is a very dark fox red pointing lab. She has a wonderful and obedient personality as she loves to please. She has natural point with alot of drive hunting and retrieving birds. She has several sister's that have earned CP and APR, APLA titles. Her sister at K and L kennels "Billy" earned her CP APR MPR and GMPR this spring. This is what Foxy produces and would expect the same with Annie.