GMPR RAIDER LINE BREEDING/3XGMPR Iowa Pointing Labs Roman x CP Polly

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GMPR RAIDER LINE BREEDING/3XGMPR Iowa Pointing Labs Roman x CP Polly

  Tim Galeazzi

  1111 hwy S71
          Knoxville, Iowa - United States


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Puppie whelped onApril 11th having 2BM, 2YM, 3BF, 2YF. 2 black females currently available. Puppies to go home on May 26th. THIS IS A LINE BREEDING OF THE MOST FAMOUS POINTING LABRADOR OF ALL TIME GMPR MH RIKS RISKY RAIDER. Check the pedigree for details. (EIC CLEAR). SIRE: 3XGMPR APR CP HR SH Iowa Pointing Labs Roman x CP Trupoint Polly. The price is at $1500 a pup. Breeder Terry Huddle will purchase a third pup out of Polly. He will tell you that her puppies have the total package for a pointing lab. THESE PUPPIES SHOULD TURN OUT TO BE INCREDIBLE LOOKING DOGS ALSO.Dam: CP Trupoint Polly is a phenomenal female with a great pesonality that loves to please always. She will always look at you while your training or playing and this sets her a part from most good labradors. Her retrieve and hunting drive complimented with a very strong natural point also makes her exceptional. A child could have trained her as she has so much want to with a great attitude. She looks like a male with her blocky head and build as she weighs 65lbs. Polly's dad QAA CP MH Stormin Normin was two points away from being a FC. I have had two different people tell me and one being an APLA judge that Stormin was the best pointing lab period. When I heard that we purchased Polly. Most people with pointing lab knowledge will tell you that GMPR MH Rik's Risky Raider was the best or one of the best producing pointings labs. Raider is Polly's grandpa. The pictures are of Polly's previous litters as she has produced several certified pointers. SIRE:3XGMPR Iowa Pointing Labs Roman. When you go to hunt tests or to South Dakota in the fall every one wants their great family Labrador pet to perform at an exceptional level hunting upland birds. A Labrador that has a good looking build that will flat out hunt hard with a ton of desire, a STRONG NATURAL POINT that even the traditional pointing breeds would be impressed with. Iowa Pointing Labs believes Roaman is the dog as he goes full bore in the upland field. His point is so strong that all you have to do is sit back and watch the show as he will rarely flush a bird. The photo of him pointing a quail up above was taken by two different camera men and five other people watching 20 feet away that lasted over 10 minutes. Roman achieved his CP at 8 months of age and his first SH pass at 11 months and GMPR at 18 months. Don't let any person down play the importance of titles. If they do be careful as it is easy to say how great your dog is and not have titles to back it up. But the bottom line is what the dog will do in the field. Mike Lattau is Roman's trainer and is in Iowa Pointing Labs opinion the most accomplished pointing lab trainer in the country over the last 4 years. His total titles earned with different dogs is second to none over the last 4 years. He said, “Roman is the best pointing lab in the country hunting upland birds and there isn't even a close second from what I have witnessed". WOW! He say's this because you can let Roman go wide open in the field with total trust that he will find the birds using his great nose and strong natural pointing skills. Mike will also tell you a story how the city slickers from Kansas City came down to hunt at KandLkennels preserve. They accused Mike of not putting out all the 12 chucker’s in the field they paid for. Their two German shorthairs were exceptional dogs and they only found three birds they told Mike. Mike told them to go back to the field and he would get a hunting dog from his kennel to clean up the field for them. They replied you better get more then one dog. Mike at this time was upset but knew he would prove them to be wrong. Out of the 40 plus dogs at the kennel which included Labrador GMPR's, German shorthairs, English pointers he picked Iowa Pointing Labs Roman. As he caught up with the gentlemen in the upland field he saw the look on their face as he brought back one Labrador retriever named Roman. As Mike tells the story all he told Roman is hunt em up and the show started. In 25 minutes he found and pointed all 9 chucker’s for the two men and retrieved them back to hand that the two shorthairs missed. Mike is a great gentleman with few words to speak about himself as he always will let the dogs do the talking for his customers. The two city slickers apologized to Mike and were very embarrassed of their dogs. Mike will tell you the best part of the story was when they accused him again of taking out the best and most experienced dog in his kennel. He just looked at the two men and smiled at them until they said," Roman is probably five years old and had over five thousand birds shot over him by now". At that time Mike said, "Gentlemen Roman is just over a year old". Mike didn't say a word but just showed them using what he will tell you is the best pointing lab in the country when it comes to upland bird hunting. Roman is a very good looking American Labrador retriever with the traditional blocky head and stocky shoulders. He weighs 75lbs; yellow factored and is EIC clear. His hips are OFA excellent elbows normal and has a clear eye certification. His father is a 4XGMPR MH Gator and grandfather the great one GMPR MH Raider.