Elhew pups for sale

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Elhew pups for sale

  william steinhauer

  310 boulder road
          kingston, Georgia - United States



My bitch, Run-n-gun Snakes Julie, has a nice litter from my Elhew male. She is all Elhew except for Joe's Attitude on her sire's side. The pups' sire is from a bitch that is directly from Fibber McGee and a sire that has Elhew Seahawk up close. He is 100% Elhew and goes back to a bitch I bought from Bob Wehle who was double bred from Hook's Bounty Hunter and whelped a litter for me from Strike. This line has be outstanding down to this sire of the pups.
The pictures show sire, dam, one pup from her last litter and puppies at 1 day old. Pups whelped on Feb 10, 2012. Her last litter shows tremendous promise. Buyers have called to say how happy they are with the dogs.

Selling at a bargain price to avoid having to work too many this summer. Should be solidly started by next fall. Last litter was pointing and backing solidly at 6 months (one held several wild pheasants in SD at that age).