Fox Red Hunitng Machines...

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Fox Red Hunitng Machines...

  Jon Stolarz

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          Chandlerville, Illinois - United States


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Diablo is the best all around dog that I have ever owned. His pedigree is really nice and carries some of the best known British and Irish lines available. He is fox red in color and carries looks that could earn him a show title. He lives to retrieve and please his master. He runs blinds, doubles, triples, and will go into woods to find crippled doves in the dove field. Quitting isn't in his dictionary, and his nose has been used to bloodtrail deer with ease. He has a huge water entry, along with a temperament that would make him a great house dog. He is one British/Irish retriever that has it all. I have sold numerous started dogs and puppies from him. His pups carry his retrieve drive, hunt drive, desire to please, and looks.

Remi is the acception to the rule. She is easy to handle and will retrieve a semi if you happen to shoot one. She is medium drive with alot of willlingness to please. Remi is a beautiful Red color and carries that on well to her pups. Her obedience is a level above anyone elses and is a pleasure to have, either in the field or laying infront of the fireplace.

This is a repeat breeding and produces puppies that are red as FIRE... With exceptional drive and focus.