French Spaniel Puppies for sale (just two pups left)

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French Spaniel Puppies for sale (just two pups left)

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French Spaniel pups for sale. The French Spaniel is a very rare pointing dog in the USA. Even though it is rare it takes a backseat to no dog as far as hunting ability, temperament or beauty.

The French Spaniel is a close working pointing dog. This is a dog that wants to hunt with you and for you... a true hunting partner! It checks back to make sure you are close by. It hunts at a comfortable pace and distance for the average hunter. These dogs will never win a field trial but you will never have to worry about having to work to keep your dog under control.

They make wonderful family dogs. They quickly adapt from outside to the house. That same cooperative temperament that they demonstrate in the field transfers to the home. If you would like to no more about these wonderful dogs or better yet own a dog that very few others in the USA do .... give us a call.