(OH) 2 Tri-factored Black Females and 2 Chocolate/Yellow Females

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(OH) 2 Tri-factored Black Females and 2 Chocolate/Yellow Females

  Melody Robinson

  344 Tope Road
          Jackson, Ohio - United States


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HRCH UH Trinity's Riptide Ryder MH CGC x a litter mate to HRCH UH Trinity's Gremlin Reaper MH CGC - Trinity's Ginger By Drake

2 Black Females, 1 Chocolate Male & 2 Chocolate Females Still Available - Chocolates $1000, Blacks $800

The sire of the litter is my personal dog Rip. 2 years ago I snapped my ankle and was on crutches. I got Rip certified as a service dog and he went to college with me every day. He helped me with my books, cans of pop, containers of food, my purse, keys, anything I needed he helped me with. This is a dog that has his HRCH UH MH CGC titles and he was only 2 1/2 at the time, he was used to training HARD every day and I wasn't able for 2 months to train. He has always been a house dog with an amazing on/off switch but going from one extreme to the other without any issues, to me was proof of how extraordinary Rip truly is. He was the first dog I trained and I never had to Force Fetch him and he has never been on an electronic collar... you show him something once and that is all it takes.

Ginger is a littermate to one of my other personal dogs Gremlin. Ginger lived for 4 years with my aunt in Maryland. Due to family issues we just got her back here recently. She is sweet and very trainable. Due to not having her the first 4 years she is just a pet and companion. I kept her littermate Gremlin who is a HRCH UH MH CGC and a wonderful dog. Once again no Force Fetch and no electronic collar. She is the smartest dog and by far the best Upland Hunter that I have ever worked with.

I am very excited about this litter and I believe that it will be a perfect combination. If you want to discuss the litter and/or the parents you can call me, Tierra Robinson, the resident dog trainer, at 740-577-7303. I would be more than happy to tell you more about the trainability of the parents.

Rip's Health Clearances - CHIC 58885 , prcd-PRA Non-Carrier OptiGen # 09-9969, RD/OSD Non-Carrier & Narcolepsy Non-Carrier OptiGen # 09-9969, EIC Non-Carrier D08-065147, CNM Non-Carrier LR-CNM09-237-M-PIV, OFA Good Hips LR-179023G25M-VPI, Normal Elbows LR-EL41819M25-VPI, CERF LR-54827, Normal Cardiac LR-CA3426/25M/P-VPI, Normal Patella LR-PA315/25M/P-VPI, Normal Thyroid LR-TH371/25M-VPI

Ginger's Health Clearances - CHIC 71469, Hips Good LR-189331G52F-VPI, Elbows Normal LR-EL48545F52-VPI, Patella Normal LR-PA419/52F/P-VPI, Thyroid Normal LR-TH484/52F-VPI, Cardiac Normal LR-CA4575/52F/P-VPI, CERF LR-347905 Tested 2011, EIC Carrier LR-EIC1218/52F-VPI-CAR, CNM Non-Carrier By Parentage

Visit http://www.trinitylabs.net for additional details including fully interactive 5 Generation Pedigrees in which every name is a link that will bring up all the information that I could find on each and every dog (63 dogs in 5 generations x 2 parents = 126 dogs researched)
I endeavor to breed the most Healthy, Genetic Defect Free Dogs that I can. Hunting Ability, Intelligence, Disposition, & Conformation all combine to makeup the Best Labs.