Shooting Starr / Odyssey's / Sharp Shooters pedigree = 10 Gen Champs!

Helping You Get the Most From Your Hunting Dogs

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Shooting Starr / Odyssey's / Sharp Shooters pedigree = 10 Gen Champs!

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How can you predict success?
By breeding through multiple generations of proven performance.

This breeding is a blending of Shooting Starr / Odyssey's / Sharp Shooters lines – the three most dominate and successful lines in America today. No matter which direction your kennel is moving, these genetics can only help. For the hunter or competitor, these pups will get the job done from day ONE!

Izzy is the result of our 2008 pairing of Sternjagers Safe Return  and VC Sharpshooters Let ‘er Rip.  That combination proved so successful that the litter won a NAVHDA Breeder Award.   Izzy hunts and handles her birds with intensity.  She will work as hard in the water as in the field, while always showing a high measure of cooperation.  She has a beautiful head and her correct conformation gives her a smooth gait that looks effortless, and allows her to hunt all day.  A special thanks is due to Mr. Mark Huering for graciously allowing Izzy to return to us to complete this breeding. 

Selecting Johnny to pair with Izzy was an easy choice.   He’s a proven and titled performer with correct conformation and a handsome head.  His points and backs are VERY stylish and he shows great cooperation and intelligence all the way around.  While it would be easy to write tons of complementary lines here on Johnny, I’ll just sum it up and say that he is the complete package.  I would give him an unreserved recommendation as a sire for any kennel wishing to take their program to the next level.  Thanks again to Tracy Nelson for allowing the use of Johnny.  Please feel free to write to Tracy at to discuss how Johnny could help your next breeding. 

Puppys where bron on July 8th, and will be ready to go home on September the 3rd or 4th.
New pupppy pictures (at six weeks of age) and pedigree information is all available on our website, along with more pictures of Izzy and Johnny.

As always, special consideration given for NAVHDA families.