Neo MH QAA (Son of Code Blue Grandson of Lean Mac) x GRHRCH Portage MH

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Neo MH QAA (Son of Code Blue Grandson of Lean Mac) x GRHRCH Portage MH

  Jim Stevenson

  3028 Steeplegate Dr.
          Germantown, Tennessee - United States


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2 BLM's, 2 BLF'S, 2YLM's, 2 YLF's Born May 9th, 2011

Peakebrooke's Chosen One MH QAA Neo is the son of Hall of Famer FC AFC Code Blue and the grandson of Hall of Famer NAFC FC AFC Ebonstar Lean Mac. He has 5 other Hall of Famers in his 4 generation pedigree. I can email it to you.

GRHRCH Adams Acres Little Portage River MH Portage is out of FC Hawkeye's Red, White & Blue, (which makes her the great granddaughter of Lean Mac) and FC Adams Acres Water Lily (out of FC AFC Creek Robber, which makes her the great granddaughter of Code Blue, too). Wilderness Harley To Go, Super Tanker, Honcho, Trumarc.....they're all in there. I can email you her 5 gen pedigree.

I've had Portage, we call her PoPo at home, for almost 2 years. My trainer, Chris Akin, called me and said I sold your dog, but I got you a better one. This call probably wouldn't have gone very well for most folks, especially since my dog, the one he just sold, earned his MH a month earlier that year. Well, Akin was right. (The other dog was a good dog, he just didn't like to hunt. Now he hunts bombs.) All of this to say that I'm lucky to have Portage. She really is a special dog.

When Portage came to me and Akin Summer 2009 she had some Derby points and a 3rd and 4th in QAA's. She wasn't registered UKC. That fall she passed everything she ran in and picked up her HRCH and 1 Master pass. In 2010, she passed both Grands and 5 out of 6 Masters earning her MH. This spring she needed 60 more points to earn her GRHRCH but she came into heat, then she was artificially inseminated, and by the time she was ready to run again, Akin was running AKC every weekend.

I had the honor and privilege of running her for her last 4 finished passes. I mention this because I had never seen an HRC hunt test before in my life, much less tried to handle a dog in one. She hammered everything and made me look like I knew what I was doing. Trust me, I didn't.

Portage's first time to hunt was winter of 2009 near Jonesboro, AR on the Crane Farm. She got to hunt for the first and second seasons and absolutely loved it. She did awesome and hunting is definitely in her blood. She didn't hunt the 3rd season that year because we froze up, and when we finally thawed, she was too pregnant with her first litter of Boomer pups. She got to hunt all year this past year, and hopefully this coming season we'll get to her 1000th duck.

PoPo is black and weighs in at about 53 pounds and is pure muscle. Her coat is so shiny it reflects the sun, and she has a beautiful head that is well proportioned for her body size. She is an INCREDIBLE marker (she doesn't run to an area and find it with her nose, although she can, she goes straight out and stomps them) and having worked with Akin for the last year handles exceptionally well. She holds her lines very well, but when it's time for a cast, she takes it and holds it well too. I've handled her numerous times out to 400+ yards. She loves to train and is very trainable meaning she doesn't get her feelings hurt over a correction, which are far and few between.

She's had one previous litter mentioned above with Akin's dog Boomer. It was a great breeding, and she had 8 puppies, 7 male and 1 female, all black. I've made good friends with many of the guys who bought those puppies and they ALL love their dogs. All of the puppies that ran in tests this year passed everything they ran in. The female got her HRCH and SR this spring.

Also, she rides inside the truck in the front seat with me. When she wants to, she jumps in bed with me and wife at night. And she's better with my 3 kids than I am, especially the 2 year old.

That's a pic of her with her first litter. Click on the 'View Our Website' to see her Facebook page where there are current puppy pics. I hope the link works. I suck at Facebook. I can email you more photos on request and I'll add some here.

Jim Stevenson
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