An FC Pointing Lab bred to a 3xGMPR / Master Hunter / 2x National Champion

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An FC Pointing Lab bred to a 3xGMPR / Master Hunter / 2x National Champion

  Christopher Smith

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          McHenry, Illinois - United States

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Steve Blythe of Lone Willow Kennels and Black Ice Retrievers are proud to announce this up coming litter.

FC Blackwater's Last Resort "Finn" and 2xNC 3xGMPR HRCH Reno's Black Ice, MH have been bred. Estimated whelping date of 5/11/2011. This litter will be CNM & EIC Clear. Both Sire & Dam have OFA Hips = Good and Eye CERF = Normal.

These are two extremely intelligent natural pointing labs. Their titlese and the ages they achieved them speak for themselves.

$2800 / with a $500 discount or $2300 to competitve homes

Finn"s website =

FC Blackwater’s Last Resort (Finn) earned his FC title in just 3 trials and won two of them! Finn won the Open at Topeka Retriever Club on 10/3/2009 and also won Missouri Valley in Omaha, NE, on 9/20/2009. He qualified for the National Open in Dover, DE, at only 3 years of age!

Ice's accomplishments

- 12 months of age in her first attempt Ice earns her CPR,(Certified Pointing Retriever) APLA Hunt Test title
- 13 months of age in her first attempt Ice earns her APR, (Advanced Pointing Retriever) APLA Hunt Test title
- Ice goes 5 for 5 and earns her HRC "Seasoned" Hunt test title or SHR title
- Ice goes 4 of 5 and earns her HRCH "Finished Hunt test title
- Ice passes her MPR Master Pointing Retriever APLA Hunt test title in May of 2008
- Ice passes her GMPR Grand Master Pointing Retriever APLA Hunt test title in her first attempt in June of 2008
- Ice passes her first 3 AKC Master Hunt test she ever ran in before having her first litter in November of 2008.
- In her third AKC MH test while being 40 days pregnant ICE scored a perfect score, never needing a single whistle through every mark and every blind. She literally flat footed everything that day. During her last retrieve the AKC MH judge came over and said and I quote, "Who are you and where in the hell did this dog come from."
- In 2008 at just 3 years of age, Ice passed 16 hunt test across the AKC, HRCH, & APLA (American Pointing Lab Assoc.)
- In 2009 Ice's success continued as she earned two more GMPR Titles in the APLA and her AKC Master Hunt title

Now while Ice was running and accomplishing all these HUNT TEST titles she simultaneously also ran in various shoot to retrieve series such as the NBDCA, NUCS, WCHS,PHU, & UFTA. These are simulated hunts for time competing against the rest of the field. Perhaps you have seen these sorts of event on the Outdoor Channel.

Most pro field trial trainers and Hunt test pro trainers cringe when they hear a guy wants to run in both of these venues at the same time. But Ice is a rare dog that could separate the two. Ice could win a hunting "soot to retrieve" tournament one weekend and pass an AKC Master Hunt test the very next weekend and never use a single whistle even on her blinds. There is nothing this dog can't do. Here are the highlights of her shoot to retrieve accomplishments:

- At 6 months of age in the Open All Age Division she takes 2nd place at the Player's Championship only losing to the current World Champion
- At 11 months of age Ice wins the NBDCA National Championships in the Open All Age Division in a field of the top ranked 75 dogs in world.
- The following week Ice wins the National Championship at the NUCS Nationals in the Open All Age Division proving last weeks win was no fluke
- In 2007 at just two years of age, Ice earns the DOG OF THE YEAR Award in the Wisconsin Championship Hunting Series
- Ice has won dozens of National qualifying events across the NBDCA, NUCS, WCHS, PHU & UFTA... in fact,
- Ice has earned enough THCC (Tournament Hunting Championship) points that she has qualified for the THCC Hall of Fame at just 3 years of age

She also qualified for the World Championships 4 straight years in a row

Ice's collective accomplishments across various hunt tests & shoot to retrieve type tournaments have never been matched much less achieving all these simultaneously at such an early age. Ice accomplished all the above in roughly 40 months while taking time off to have two litters.

Ice's website =