The German Shorthaired Pups are here!

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The German Shorthaired Pups are here!

  Kathleen Strong

  987 30th Ave.
          Barronett, Wisconsin - United States


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It's been a long wait, but well worth it as my little black German Shorthaired Pointer, Feldjaeger's Sophia NA-I, and INT CH/VC FELDJAEGER KLAUS MH, NA-I, UT-I, became, on 11//9/10, the proud parents of nine gorgeous future hunting machines, four of which are black ticked and patched and five of which are liver roan ticked and patched. These five females and four males are already running around, escaping their whelping box, chasing birds and wings, pointing each other and snuggling with anyone who will give them attention. Sophia, who is one of my top guide dogs, guided for clients up to ten days before giving birth and wouldn't have stopped then if I hadn't made her, lives to hunt, but is one of the sweetest, most loving and sociable dogs you could find. Klaus is a once in a lifetime dog. His photo, pedigree, and information can be found at