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Quality FDSB LLEWELLIN SETTER Puppies for sale - Sold Out

  Jim Thomas

  22820 Co. Hwy. 28
          Kewanee, Illinois - United States



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Field Dog Stud Book 100% DNA Certified Llewellin Setter puppies for sale. First breeding of our fine Blizzard/Wind'em Dam BONASA BROOK BELLE to our impressive young Blizzard/Bondhu Sire BONASA BROOK BO
Belle's characteristics include 68 lbs. of large, very lovable temperament (gentle and house friendly at home) and an exceptional bird drive afield. Belle is one of the most natural hunters we have ever had -- pointing and retrieving woodcock on her first hunt at 6 months old without training.
Bo is a large boned 58 lb. bird crazy fiend afield, displaying a natural 50 to 100 yard open field quartering range, and a much shorter range in heavy cover, with a very active and fast search. Bo hunts for the hunter, checking back often and handling accordingly.
Whelped 11/14/2010