Tight, linebred 25x CH Crow's Little Joe pups

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Tight, linebred 25x CH Crow's Little Joe pups

  Shawn Eisenhauer

  KS-United States



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These litters represent many generations of proven performers that are also proven to pass it on to their offspring (which is really more important than anything). The bottom line is look at the genetics and ask yourself hosestly if you think there is any way to buy a better foot hunting genetic. The key here is to be honest with yourself. Like us, love us, hate us, whatever. Doesn't really matter. The proof is in the birds in the bag and there simply isn't any better cross than these to put them there (for a foot hunter anyway).

We have a 2 litters of linebred 25x CH Crow's LIttle Joe pups right now. Many people in the NSTRA world are now finding out that the most productive dogs in NSTRA in the last decade have been Crow's Little Joe dogs. Crow's Little Joe has long been the leading producer in NSTRA history and is the undisputed king of passing it on to his offspring. His production is so far ahead of every other dog that it pales in comparison (second leading being Black Magic Jake). So then a person has to ask themselves why on earth would I buy anything but what has proven itself to be the best? I mean seriously, what's the point? Yeah, a lot of people compromise because of money or locality or a myriad of other reasons, however, we're talking about a person's hunting partner for the next 10 years or a person trying to buy a dog that has a very real shot at making champion. If you're in that catagory, why compromise? It just isn't smart. Anyway, I'll get off my soap box. People compromise for all kinds of reasons that I'll never understand.

If you're new to bird dogs or even if you're "old hat" and just don't know about them yet, Crow's Little Joe dogs are known for having 30-40 yard noses and pointing, backing and retrieving naturally. When it comes right down to it, 1 dog with a 30+ yard nose can do the work of 2 or 3 regular dogs and eat less and be less work to take care of. If a person wants 2 or 3 dogs, put 2 or 3 on the ground that has that kind of a nose and follow them. They'll clean a field slick as a whistle. I can't even tell you how many people have e-mailed us back about what incredible noses their Crow's Little Joe dogs have (you can read a bunch in our customer comments pages). This isn't new news either and I'm not the only guy in the country with these dogs. There's a lot of guys out there that already know this. Some breed them and sell them. A lot though, breed them and keep them to themselves because they know they have the best. We're the only ones that push and push and push to try to get these gentics out there because in the long run, it's going to better the breed to put out more of them and hopefully get their genetics into other lines to improve them and the more people that hunt them, the less some of the less productive lines will be bred. A lot of people think that I'm "hoity toity" about this line but in reality I'm not. I just like good noses and tough dogs and I'm quite a bit more vocal than most people and have the resources to put the word out there. If it was another line, I'd be promoting it. This just happens to be the line that has proven itself to not just me but hundreds of foot hunters over the last decade and so I'll "shout it from the mountain tops" and promote it as much as I can.

For more information, do your own research through NSTRA, read about them on the pages that we've compiled about them on our website or contact Shady Meadows Gundogs at 805-736-3869 and ask for Shawn. Whatever you do though, do bird dogs and the future generations of hunters a favor and don't compromise.