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SELLING TURN-KEY BREEDING OPERATION OUT!!! German Longhaired Pointer - Sold Out

  mark chavez

  NM-United States


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SELLING OUT, For a grand you get the Deustsch- Langharr-Verband registered, Proven stud. The proven female who has had two litters to date, along with your pick of 4 additonal pups from a group of 7. including a 7month old brother and sister who are started and staunch on scent only points. or the current litter of 5- 7 week old pups. Three of the 7 pups are sold already but the person who buys the parents gets first 4 pick's on the 7 pups...I have to get this done this weekend at the latest. It works out to 166 dollars per dog, I paid near 1000 for the stud alone From Illertal kennels. The other longhair kennels are getting near 1000 a pup when they do have them. this could be a goot breeding oppurtunity for someone who is in a better hunting dog sales area than I am in. The main reason I am getting out of them Is NM is the high desert with very little cover.Much more suited to open class big running dogs. Our local market demand is for pit bulls and little lap dogs, with very few people who actually hunt with pointing dogs. Most people quail hunt from the back of a truck or ATV. The calls I do get are from TX and up north. where the inconvineince of shipping seems to be a major factor in the purchase. I have bought 3 Broke Pointers for hunting this season which I cant get until these longhairs are sold.Rare breed to USA. Great all around gundog. Big on natural pointing, retrieving and scent tracking ability. Ready to be your next Upland, Waterfowl And blood tracking dog. Their Field abilities have not been diluted by the show dog community. Please learn more about this very able field dog breed by doing a google search with the keyword deutsch langhaar or german longhaired pointer. we have five males avalible. they were whelped 8/31/09. The 7 month old pups that I kept from a previous litter are amazing, the first time out on birds they held a beautiful scent only point from a great distance without creeping and giving me plenty of time to walk around kick bushes and flush.