German import breeding.. The best of Germany here

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German import breeding.. The best of Germany here

  David Wyner

  IA-United States


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Both dogs are imported from Germany and are two of the highest scoring dogs here in the U.S.A. You can now have the best of Germany right here. These two dogs are expected to produce the best of what Hege-Haus has to offer. If you have ever thought about a importing a dog you don't have to with this breeding. Your search for the true versatile hunting dog is over. Please feel free to contact me about the details. If you would like to call me please do so after 4PM Central time.

Rita KS vom Nordhof ---D1,S1,VGP 1 338,HZP 188, VBR,BTR,HN,HD-Frei

Rita vom Nordhof is a very nice female with a solid proven record. Her mother is Quitte ll vom Nordhof and her father is Narziss KS vom Hege-Haus. Rita was born in Germany and was imported to our kennel. Rita is a solid, well built female. Rita's excels in search, nose, and water work as well as all aspects of versatility. Her awards include the Suchen siegen award for "top search dog" in her VGP group as well as having received her KS title in the 2006 Kleemann. While at the Kleemann she received two 4h's. One in nose and the other in search. There were no other females that received this many 4h's and the KS title. She brings an impressive high prey drive, a passion for the water, and tons of desire. She is a great hunting partner. Excellent around other dogs and people. She is calm with a great temperament and personality.


D1, VJP 75 , S1 4h vorstehen , HZP188 , VGP1 330p 4h vorstehen , IKP 1 136,

HN , AH , VBR, CACIB, BOB, CAC, DSch-VDH, HD, frei Fw:V

Lebeau is a very calm male with a wonderful temperament; he has produced excellent dogs in Germany and in the US ( 87% of his pups tested have got prize 1 in Derby and Solms which makes him one of the top producers out of the Hege Haus kennel with prize 1 dogs in derby and Solms ). Lebeau brings a lot of natural abilities and excellent confirmation.

Only taking a few more deposits.

For more information please visit
Dave Wyner 515-979-9624 after 4pm please