Cady Falls Puppy Litter born 11/23 and other litter 12/2

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Cady Falls Puppy Litter born 11/23 and other litter 12/2

  Cathy Fleming

  114 Cady Rd
          Putnam, Connecticut - United States


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Litters are born and Gracie puppies are all sold except 1. Deposits on Gina puppies have started on this Line bred litter.

Breeder of Quality Hunting GSP's. Our shorthairs prove themselves in the field and other specialities like retrieving ducks from the water, tracking,agility, obedience, and conformation. Form follows function a well balanced shorthair will be able to do what it was bred to do (HUNT). Will give you a list of ref. on request.

OFA HIPS (Good), OFA ELBOWS(Normal), OFA CARDIAC (Normal), AND EYE CERTS(Clear). CLEAR OF ALL GENETIC PROBLEMS. Cady Falls Amazing Grace SH is out of Cady Falls Chocolate Kissame JH Field and AF Points bred to Artemis Vom Stillwater NA I 112 UT III 184 is out of VC Sundance Zane VD Westwind MH and VC Gilly Vom Bergland Line breeding from Hustler, Stradivarius, Hege Haus, Euzstrand,Uphuser Kolk, Osterberg,Westwind, Zobel V Pregelufer. These puppies wont last waiting list with deposts started. Puppies sold on Contract and with my guarantee of health. Our dogs are bred to hunt they have been seen and worked with the best trainers George H and Chris Nolte they will tell you strong hunting desire, great nose, style, personality, heart is bred in dogs. We breed to pass on these traits from generation to generation to produce the finest Versatile Hunting Dogs that both look good and hunt.

Cady Falls Wild Abby out of Cady Falls Jasmine JH and VC Sundance Zane VD Westwind MH X Artemis Vom Stillwater NA I112 UT III 184

Cady Falls Gina out of Cady Falls Payback Isabitch and Cady Falls Beau vom Beseck Mountain X Artemis Vom Stillwater NA I 112 UT III 184

prices vari from$950 to $1200