Brittany Pups from Proven Hunters SOLD

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Brittany Pups from Proven Hunters SOLD

  Martin Shepherd

  PO Box 88
          Bogart, Georgia - United States


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All of the pups have homes now. Thanks for your interest.

Martin Shepherd

Letters of Recommendation:


I would like to thank you for helping me select a hunting dog for myself and a wonderful companion for my family. Archie is now 13 months old and has become a member of our household. He has turned into a great hunter with an excellent nose and retrieving skills. He is a quick learner and a pleasure to hunt with. I told you when we purchased Archie that I would likely hunt five or six times a year with him; however, he is such a great dog and loves to hunt so much I have been hunting 14 times since December. This past weekend I was hunting with my brother and some friends at a well known plantation here in Alabama, after the morning hunt my brother commented that none of the dogs we hunted with could compare to Archie. In addition to being a superb hunter, he is excellent with my three children. The children have never had a dog before and constantly wish to pet and play with Archie. He is great with them as well as my eight nieces and nephews with the youngest being 2 years old. It doesn't seem to matter how much pulling, tugging, petting and playing fetch the children do, Archie never loses his composure. Archie lives in the house with us and was easily crate trained and housebroken. From the day we brought him home he has truly become a member of our family. I can not thank you enough for helping us with Archie and I would recommend your dogs to anyone without hesitation.

John A. Jebeles, M.D.
Birmingham, Alabama

George (our brittany) joined our family in November 2007. He was 10 months old and extremely affectionate and easy going. My three girls love him and he has made an easy transition into our busy lives. My husband loves to hunt and takes George out often. He was a natural and always enjoys his outings as well as his lazy days at home with the girls. We have never owned a dog other than hunting dogs and I have to admit I was a little afraid of what might come of an animal in our home. However, we have had few accidents and he has been easier to train than most of my children. Thank you!
Amy Cook