Dynamic Dual Purpose German Shorthaired Pointers

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Dynamic Dual Purpose German Shorthaired Pointers

  Len McLaughlin

  2 Colgate Drive
          Camp HIll, Pennsylvania - United States




GSP Attitude- Starts with Breeding,
Dual purpose German Shorthaired Pointers for the discriminate owner. I’ve been breeding and training elite German Shorthaired Pointer dogs for 16 years. Participating with them in regional and national events. My dogs have earned a deserved reputation for physical and mental soundness, intelligence, trainability, conformation, character, and versatility for a broad range of hunting duties.
As the kennel name indicates these dogs will be for the avid foot hunter. Subsequently, both dogs Champion HuntersChoice Miss Elegant JH and Champion No Mars Hurricane Wilhelm NA, Prize 1 are American Kennel Club conformation champions as well as outstanding field dogs, though that’s an unusual combination HuntersChoice Kennels doesn’t understand why; the breeder believes dual purpose Shorthairs only make sense. Currently, Champion Miss Ellie is testing in NAVHDA and the AKC Master Hunter level. Champion No Mars Willie has earned his Natural Ability Test Prize 1, in NAVHDA and is continuing his AKC confirmation showing in specialty classes. Champion Miss Ellie finished her confirmation championship in ten attempts, honored with three B.O.B (Best Of Breeds) and one B.O.S (Best Of Show). Champion Willie finished conformation championship in six consecutive attempts.
Willie has a classic pointing style like his grandfather NAVHDA VC International Champion Enzo Vom Ludwigstein, NA 102 111 UT 191 1 IT 194 PASS, two-time, AKC Master Hunter. Willie is a product of the No Mars Kennels Inc., who has many champions and NAVHDA tested German Shorthaired Pointers.
Ellie, gracefully bridges the gap between conformation and hunting. She is a dynamic, sleek-coated specimen that is a throw back to her German heritage. She unconditionally conforms to the breed standard yet moves with intense finesse in the field.
These pups are for someone who wants a dual-purpose shorthair; both a hunting companion and a stunning show dog. Call for owner guidelines and health clearances.