Jagdterrier puppies

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Jagdterrier puppies

  Suzanne Smith

  21604 Starbird Road
          Mount Vernon, Washington - United States




Also known as the German Hunt Terrier, these dogs are a young breed having been developed only since the early 1900's in Germany. They are a hunting dog used on a wide variety of game including wild boars, badgers, foxes and weasels. They were imported into the U.S. and Canada as tree dogs for raccoon and squirrel. Recognized by the UKC in 1993, Jagdterriers possess a spirit of liveliness and speed at work, yet regal at rest. They are alert, robust, unafraid and unrelenting hunters. The coat is both smooth and harsh and comes in various colors. They weigh 16 to 22 lbs. and stand 13-16" at the shoulders. Females are generally smaller.

Puppies due the end of April and will be ready to ship mid to late June. Purebred but not registered. Reserve yours now.