National Caliber Lab Pups

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National Caliber Lab Pups

  Cory Feistner

  23249 392nd Ave.
          Woonsocket, South Dakota - United States


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Due February 23rd - Ready Mid April

OUTSTANDING, Competitive Yellow factored Black Pups

Sire: NFC/AFC Dewey's Drake of Moon River
SN-52116502 OFA Good LR-105688G27M
106 All-Age Points to Date
2 Amateur Wins at 30 mos.
AFC Title before Age 3
FC Title at Age 4.
16 All-Age Wins
#5 on 2002 High Point Open List
2002 High Point Yellow
Qual. National Amateur 2001 2002 2003 2004
Qual. National Open 2002 2003 2004
National Amateur Finalist 2004

Dam: Yauhannah's Timpanogos Moon OFA#LR-97889G28F; CERF#LR19227N(FC/AFC Dare to Dream x AFC Mountain Meadow Molly) Moon has qualifying placements/JAMS, derby placements/JAMS, 4 Master Passes, sibling to FC-AFC Ruddyducks Valentine(Babe) and FC-AFC Pennmarks Mountin King, half sibling to the '04 high point ametuer dog FC - AFC CARBON COPY OF HORN CREEK and 12 other titled dogs.

Moon is a hard working dog with an incredible drive and desire for birds. She is also the ultimate house dog and great companion. We plan to complete Moon's master title this summer and are keeping one of her pups to compete and hunt with. Moon is a big dog, we expect pups to be 70-85# and excellent marking, hard driving pups.

See Moons coowners site at for more info or call Cory at 605-796-4264