Garmin Alpha GPS Track and Train System

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Garmin Alpha GPS Track and Train Unit

Garmin and Tri-Tronics have come together and joined forces to integrate a top quality GPS system with a high performance dog training collar.  The Alpha system will track your dogs up to 9 miles up to every 2.5 seconds while being able to train dogs with an electronic collar at the same time.  There is also the ability to set up radius and geofence alerts.  The Alpha 100 handheld transmitter can track up to 20 dogs.

Garmin Alpha GPS Track and Train Unit Items

  • Garmin Alpha GPS Track and Train with TT 15 Collar Image
    NEW!  Garmin and Tri-Tronics have come together and joined forces to integrate a top quality GPS system with a high performance dog training collar.  VIRB Control Feature. Emergency Alert

    • GPS and Dog Training Collar
    • Range: up to 9 Miles
    • 18 Levels of Stimulation
    • Vibration Only Mode
    • Top mounted high sensitivity GPS / GLONASS receiver 
    • Tracks Alpha TT15, TT10, Astro T5 Collars
  • Garmin TT15 GPS Track and Train Collar Image
    Garmin has combined both a GPS Dog Tracking System with a Tri-Tronics Remote Training Collar built into one ideal system. For ease of use, both are controlled by one handheld transmitter. Handles up to 9 miles.

    • 18 Levels of Momentary and Continuous Stimulation
    • Tracking Range and Stimulation Range: up to 9 Miles
    •  GPS / GLONASS receiver at high sensitivity level
    • Non-Stim Vibration Only Mode
  • Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld Transceiver Image
    The Garmin Alpha 100 GPS Track and Train Handheld Transmitter can help you depict your dog’s location, speed, direction and where he is in relation to you out in the field. Garmin arranged for a detailed 100K Topo Map to be viewed in this transmitter.
    • Up to a 9 Mile Range
    • Track up to 20 Dogs
    • 18 Levels Stimulation
    • Audible Tone, Waterproof
  • Garmin Alpha Contact Points Kit for TT10 Collar Image
    The Alpha Contact Points Kit for the TT10 collar comes with a pair of short and long contact points, a wrench and contact point cover.
    • For the TT10 collar
    • Contains: Short and Long Contact Points
    • Wrench
    • Contact Point Cover
  • Garmin Split Adapter Charging Cable Image
    The Garmin Alpha Split Adapter Cable has the ability to connect to the Vehicle Power Cable or the AC Adaptor Cable. It is possible to charge both your Alpha 100 Handheld and the Alpha TT10 collar simultaneously from a single power plug in your vehicle or AC receptacle.
    • Connects to Vehicle Power Cable or AC Adapter 
    • Charge Collar and Transmitter Together
    • For Garmin Alpha and Delta Series
  • Garmin Alpha Charging Clip for TT10 Collar Image
    To begin charging your TT10 collar, Garmin Alpha Charging Clip for TT10 can clip onto the side of the collar unit and plug your charging cable into the USB mini port. This design keeps dirt and dust from building up and interfering with the connection.
    • Clips onto Side of Alpha Collar
    • Plug into USB mini port
  • Garmin Alpha AC Wall Adapter Cable Image
    The Garmin Alpha AC Wall Adapter Cable will plug into an AC outlet and charge your Alpha 100 Transmitter or Alpha TT10 collar.  This unit can only charge one unit at a time but if you also purchase the Split Adaptor Charging Cable, you will be able to charge both the transmitter and collar at the same time!
    • Wall Adaptor Cable
    • Charge Alpha Transmitter or Alpha collar 
    • Charges ONE at a time
  • Garmin Alpha Vehicle Power Cable for Transmitter Image
    The Garmin Alpha Vehicle Power Cable is used for the Alpha 100 transmitter.  This power cable allows you to plug your transmitter into the cigarette lighter power receptacle in your vehicle. The Alpha is then powered from your vehicle's battery and save on the rechargeable battery in your handheld.
    • Vehicle Power Cable is for Alpha Transmitter
    • Save on Rechargeable Battery
  • Garmin Alpha Field Bag Image
    The Garmin Alpha Field Bag is constructed out of heavy-duty nylon ballistic cloth to store the Garmin Alpha Dog Track and Train System.  It comes with padded handles for comfort and support, two large external zipper pockets that run the length of the bag on each side.  
    • Dimensions: 14L x 7W x 8H 
    • Color: Black with Grey trim
    • Heavy-duty Nylon Ballistic Cloth 
    • 4 Mesh Divider Pockets
  • Garmin Alpha Li-Ion Battery for TT10 Collar Image
    Replacement  lithium-ion rechargeable battery for the Garmin Alpha TT10 collar . This battery will provide 24-48 hours of run time on the TT10 collar.
    • Rechargeable battery for Alpha Collar
    • Run Time: 24-48 hrs.
    • Charge Time: 4.5 hrs.
  • Garmin Alpha Li-Ion Battery for Alpha 100 Transmitter Image
    Replacement lithium-ion battery for the Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld Transmitter.  This battery is small and compact, and very easy to install into your Alpha 100, only taking seconds to replace.  
    • Replacement Battery for Alpha Transmitter
    • Run Time: 24-48 hrs.
    • Charge Time: 4.5 hrs.
  • Garmin Alpha Long Range Antenna Image
    The Garmin Alpha Long Range Portable Antenna will help you improve the range and reception of your Garmin tracking unit when handling your gun dog in all kinds of weather and terrain conditions.

    • Improves Range, Reception of Garmin Unit
    • Folds to 12 inches
    • 42 inches Fully Extended
  • Garmin Magnetic Mount Antenna Image
    The Garmin Magnetic Mount Antenna connects to your Alpha handheld transmitter or Garmin 320 or 220 with a coaxial connection and the antenna mounts to the outside of your vehicle through a very powerful magnet.  The antenna is 12 long and increases range and strength of signal.
    • Connects to Garmin Alpha, 320 or 220
    • Powerful magnet mounts antenna to vehicle
    • Length: 12 inches long
  • Garmin Alpha Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Alpha 100 Image
    Screen Protectors are a great tool to reduce the amount of sun exposure and glare on the Alpha display screen. 
    • 3 Screen Protectors per Pack
    • Reduce Sun Glare on Screen
    • Minimize Dust, Scratches, Smudges
  • Garmin Full Coverage TOPO U.S. 100K Micro SD Card Image
    It contains interactive views of detailed topographic maps and land elevation contours with full coverage of the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
    • Comparable to1:100,000 scale USGS maps
    • Allows you can estimate terrain difficulty
    • Contains trails, rural roads, neighborhoods, major highways
  • Garmin BirdsEye Satellite Imagery 1-year Subscription Card Image
    Quickly transfer high-resolution satellite imagery to your Garmin handheld device to get a true representation of your surroundings with a 1 year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery.
    • Compatible with: Garmin Alpha and Garmin Astro
    • For hunters, hikers, campers, geocachers
  • Garmin USB Cable Image
    Transfer all of your personal routes and waypoints, photos and music from your personal computer over to your device by using this USB Cable.
    • Compatible with:
    • Garmin Alpha and Astro
    • Garmin Delta Series
    • Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe
  • Garmin Retractable Lanyard Image
    Always keep your Garmin unit close to you.  Garmin has created this retractable lanyard to keep your Garmin safe and secure.
    • Compatible with:
    • Garmin Alpha
    • Garmin Astro 
    • Garmin Delta/Sport/Upland
  • Garmin Charging Clip for T 5 or TT 15 collars Image
    Snap onto your T5 or TT15 dog training collar and recharge using your AC Adapter, vehicle power cable or USB cable.  Design keeps dirt and dust from building up and interfering with the connection. Comes with charging clip and plug.

    Charge your T5 or TT15 collars
    Designed to keep dirt out
    Comes with charging clip and plug