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Garmin Antennas

Garmin has come out with a few different antennas that help improve the range and reception of your Garmin Tracking Collar in all kinds of hunting conditions.  Bad weather and tough terrain conditions don't have to put a damper on your hunt any longer.  This can also be an necessary tool when trying to relocate your hunting dog. 

Garmin Antennas Items

  • Garmin Alpha Long Range Antenna Image
    The Garmin Alpha Long Range Portable Antenna will help you improve the range and reception of your Garmin tracking unit when handling your gun dog in all kinds of weather and terrain conditions.

    • Improves Range, Reception of Garmin Unit
    • Folds to 12 inches
    • 42 inches Fully Extended
  • Garmin Magnetic Mount Antenna Image
    The Garmin Magnetic Mount Antenna connects to your Alpha handheld transmitter or Garmin 320 or 220 with a coaxial connection and the antenna mounts to the outside of your vehicle through a very powerful magnet.  The antenna is 12 long and increases range and strength of signal.
    • Connects to Garmin Alpha, 320 or 220
    • Powerful magnet mounts antenna to vehicle
    • Length: 12 inches long