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Helping You Get the Most From Your Hunting Dogs

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Garmin Astro

Tired of searching for your hunting dog in tall grass or dense cover? Now you can leave the hunting entirely to him. Introducing Garmin Astro, the first high sensitivity GPS-enabled dog tracking system for hunters and sportsmen. This unique system pinpoints your dog's position and shows you exactly where he is, even when you can't see or hear him. The Astro is so advanced it will even mark coveys, and tell you when your dog is on point. You have been asking for it, now Garmin has brought you an all-in-one solution in a handheld GPS system and dog tracking device.

Garmin is one of the foremost authorities in GPS technology selling millions of unit of GPS equipment. There products are known for their ease of use, quality workmanship and a customer service department that is second to none in the industry.

Garmin Astro Items

  • Garmin Astro 320 with T5 Collar Image
    NEW!  This is a top-mounted, high-sensitivity GPS enabled dog tracking system for sporting dogs. Track your dog’s every position and know exactly where he is at all times, even when you can’t see or hear him.
    • Tracks up to 10 dogs
    • Beacon Lights for added visibility
    • Compatible with: Alpha 100 and  Astro 320
  • Garmin T5 Tracking Collar Image
    Track your dog’s every position and know exactly where he is at all times, even when you can’t see or hear him.  In addition, there is a new and improved T5 transmitter collar!
    • Top mounted high-sensitivity, GLONASS-enabled GPS receiver
    • Tracks up to 10 dogs
    • Beacon Lights for added visibility
    • Compatible to: Alpha 100 with TT 15 and Astro  T5 or DC Series
  • Garmin Astro 320 Handheld Unit Only Image
    Replace your existing Astro 220 handheld with the new, upgraded Astro 320. Or purchase an extra handheld to allow your hunting companion to track your dog at the same time that you do....
    • Tracks up to 10 dogs simultaneously
    • Rugged, waterproof design
    • Range: up to 9 miles 
  • Garmin Magnetic Mount Antenna Image
    The Garmin Magnetic Mount Antenna connects to your Alpha handheld transmitter or Garmin 320 or 220 with a coaxial connection and the antenna mounts to the outside of your vehicle through a very powerful magnet.  The antenna is 12 long and increases range and strength of signal.
    • Connects to Garmin Alpha, 320 or 220
    • Powerful magnet mounts antenna to vehicle
    • Length: 12 inches long
  • Garmin Alpha Long Range Antenna Image
    The Garmin Alpha Long Range Portable Antenna will help you improve the range and reception of your Garmin tracking unit when handling your gun dog in all kinds of weather and terrain conditions.

    • Improves Range, Reception of Garmin Unit
    • Folds to 12 inches
    • 42 inches Fully Extended
  • Garmin Full Coverage TOPO U.S. 100K Micro SD Card Image
    It contains interactive views of detailed topographic maps and land elevation contours with full coverage of the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
    • Comparable to1:100,000 scale USGS maps
    • Allows you can estimate terrain difficulty
    • Contains trails, rural roads, neighborhoods, major highways
  • Garmin BirdsEye Satellite Imagery 1-year Subscription Card Image
    Quickly transfer high-resolution satellite imagery to your Garmin handheld device to get a true representation of your surroundings with a 1 year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery.
    • Compatible with: Garmin Alpha and Garmin Astro
    • For hunters, hikers, campers, geocachers
  • Garmin USB Cable Image
    Transfer all of your personal routes and waypoints, photos and music from your personal computer over to your device by using this USB Cable.
    • Compatible with:
    • Garmin Alpha and Astro
    • Garmin Delta Series
    • Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe
  • Garmin Retractable Lanyard Image
    Always keep your Garmin unit close to you.  Garmin has created this retractable lanyard to keep your Garmin safe and secure.
    • Compatible with:
    • Garmin Alpha
    • Garmin Astro 
    • Garmin Delta/Sport/Upland
  • Garmin Charging Clip for T 5 or TT 15 collars Image
    Snap onto your T5 or TT15 dog training collar and recharge using your AC Adapter, vehicle power cable or USB cable.  Design keeps dirt and dust from building up and interfering with the connection. Comes with charging clip and plug.

    Charge your T5 or TT15 collars
    Designed to keep dirt out
    Comes with charging clip and plug
  • Garmin DC-50 Replacement Battery Image
    This is the replacement battery for the Garmin DC-50 collar.  Carry a spare or replacement in the field.
  • Garmin DC-50 Charging Cable Image
    This is the replacement charging cable for the Garmin DC-50 collar for the Garmin Astro 320 with DC-50 tracking unit.
  • Garmin DC-50 Vehicle Charging Adapter Image
    This is the replacement vehicle charging adapter for the Garmin DC-50 collar. USB Cable sold separately.
  • Garmin Field Bag Image
    Garmin Field Bag for Astro 320 with DC 50 Bundle and PRO Series e-collars.
  • Garmin Astro 320 Carrying Case Image
    This is the Carrying Case specifically made with the Garmin  Astro 320  Bundle.  Keep your unit well organized and ready to use.