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Garmin Charging Cables, Clips, Adaptors

Garmin charging accessories include Wall Adaptors, USB Cables, Vehicle Chargers, Charging Clips, Split Adaptor Cables and AC Adaptors.  Check them out and choose the proper product for your specific Garmin unit.  Please read the product description and choose the proper accessory for your needs!

Garmin Charging Cables, Clips, Adaptors Items

  • Garmin USB Cable Image
    Transfer all of your personal routes and waypoints, photos and music from your personal computer over to your device by using this USB Cable.
    • Compatible with:
    • Garmin Alpha
    • Garmin Astro
    • Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe
  • Garmin Vehicle Power Cable Image
    Plug into any 12 V cigarette lighter receptacle to power your Garmin device.

    • Compatible with: 
    • Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe
    • Garmin Delta/Sport
    • Garmin Delta Upland
  • Garmin AC Adapter Image

     This adapter changes your Garmin USB cable into an AC charger.

    • Compatible with:
      Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe
      Garmin Delta
      Garmin Delta Sport


  • Garmin Split Adapter Charging Cable Image
    The Garmin Alpha Split Adapter Cable has the ability to connect to the Vehicle Power Cable or the AC Adaptor Cable. It is possible to charge both your Alpha 100 Handheld and the Alpha TT10 collar simultaneously from a single power plug in your vehicle or AC receptacle.
    • Connects to Vehicle Power Cable or AC Adapter 
    • Charge Collar and Transmitter Together
    • For Garmin Alpha and Delta Upland
  • Garmin Alpha AC Wall Adapter Cable Image
    The Garmin Alpha AC Wall Adapter Cable will plug into an AC outlet and charge your Alpha 100 Transmitter or Alpha TT10 collar.  This unit can only charge one unit at a time but if you also purchase the Split Adaptor Charging Cable, you will be able to charge both the transmitter and collar at the same time!
    • Wall Adaptor Cable
    • Charge Alpha Transmitter or Alpha collar 
    • Charges ONE at a time
  • Garmin Delta/Sport/Upland Collar Charging Clip  Image
    Replacement charging clip for the Garmin Delta, Delta Sport, Delta Upland electronic training collar.  Connect your Delta, Delta Sport , Delta Upland dog collar to the charging clip when not in use to recharge your battery.
  • Garmin Alpha Charging Clip for TT10 Collar Image
    To begin charging your TT10 collar, Garmin Alpha Charging Clip for TT10 can clip onto the side of the collar unit and plug your charging cable into the USB mini port. This design keeps dirt and dust from building up and interfering with the connection.
    • Clips onto Side of Alpha Collar
    • Plug into USB mini port
  • Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe Replacement Charging Clip Image
    Replacement charging clip for the Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe collar.   To recharge your lithium-ion battery, attach your BarkLimiter Deluxe to charging clip.
  • Garmin Delta/Delta Sport/Upland USB Charging Port Cover Image
    This small molded, pliable seal covers the USB port on the Delta, Delta Upland or Delta Sport transmitter to keep debris away that may damage your handheld device. The USB port cover also includes a small replacement screw.
    • For Garmin  Delta /Sport/Upland transmitter
    • Includes:
    • Port Cover
    • Replacement Screw
  • Garmin DC-50 Charging Cable Image
    This is the replacement charging cable for the Garmin DC-50 collar for the Garmin Astro 320 with DC-50 tracking unit.
  • Garmin DC-50 Vehicle Charging Adapter Image
    This is the replacement vehicle charging adapter for the Garmin DC-50 collar. USB Cable sold separately.