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NSSF Bullet Points

New Step Outside Alliance is First of Its Kind

HCI Says More Gun Laws Vital For 'Homeland Security'

Animal Rights Group Calls Hunting A Terror Threat

ESPN Great Outdoor Games Returns To Lake Placid

McCain To Renew Effort for Gun Show Bill

Dole Takes More Pro Gun Stance

Justice Dept. Holds Firm on Access to NICS Records

Goverment Study Show School Violence Rare

Appeals Court Upholds Dismissal Gun Suit Philadelphia

Benton Named ATF Deputy Directory

Illinois Ruling Against Gun Makers Brings Offer of Appeal Assistance

Report on NICS Records Draws Critism

Bush Administration Gets Tough on Gun-Related Violence

International Firearms Community Makes Inroads

California Supreme Court Ponders Local Gun Bans

Justice Dept. Takes Steps to Enhance NICS Procedure

Atlanta Gun Suit Dismissed

Massachusetts Publishes List of Approved Firearms

Wildlife Group Takes Aim at Eco-Terrorists

Bill Barring Gun Industry Suits Passes Kansas Senate

Industry Appeal in New Jersey Case can Proceed

Maryland's Gun Maker Lawsuit

Project Homesafe Gains Kudos on Nationwide Tour

Handgun Sales Down, Long Gun Sales Up In California

Boston Abandons Lawsuit Against Firearms Manufacturers

Opening Doors for Youth Hunting Opportunities

Accidental Firearm-related Fatalities Drop to All-time Low

Hunting License Report 2004

Smart Guns

New Effort to Develop Young Hunters

Anti-Hunting Groups To Merge

School Adds Rifle Team

Its Sports Equipment

Report on Lead at Shooting Ranges

Hunting and Fishing Industries Gain Political Clout

Don't Blame Innocent People

Where Criminals Get Their Guns

Young Hunters

Sportsmen's Team Challenge

Gun Control's Demise

Common Sense

Insurance Package for Retailers

How Close is Too Close

Protection of Lawful Commerce

Avoiding Background Check Delays with Firearms

Conservation Bill Becomes Law

Enforcement Drops Crime in Major Cities

Wolf Predation on the Rise

Good Gun Initiative

Anti-Hunting Groups Have Fat Wallets

Maryland's "Ballistic Fingerprinting" a Bust

Today's Hunter Report: Reserve Your Copy Today

Have Gun, Will Travel -- To Jail

Young Shooters on TV

Learn how to age white-tailed deer in the field and after harvest

Ensuring Roosevelts Influence in Conservation

California Hunters

Women on Target

Terrorists Not Legally Buying Guns

Guns and the Media

Passionate and Involved

Maryland Ballistics Database

New Jersey Audubon Endorses Deer Hunting

Firearms Facts and Figures

NSSF Helping State Agencies Add Hunters

Blaming The Gun

Congress Considers New Law to Protect Lawful Commerce

California Appellate Court Upholds Dismissal Of Los Angeles and San Francisco Suit Against Gun Makers

Bill to Protect American Jobs, Right to Buy a Firearm

Save Your Sports, Your Jobs, Your Industry

California Legislative Action Alert

Keeping a List

Arizona Gun Safety

Preserving Hunting and Shoooting Heritage

Virginia Right to Hunt

No Hunting Losses in Maryland

California Ammo Scheme Endangers Homeland Security

NRA President Profiled on ABC

NWTF Gives $100,000 to Open Doors for Youth Hunters and Their Families

Wasted Millions in Public Funds

Need to Reform Federal Laws

Ballistic Fingerprinting Still Does Not Work

The Bear Facts

Young Hunters

New York Focus on Youth

Pass an ATF Inspection

First Registration Then Confiscation in Australia

ATA, STEP OUTSIDE Partner UpTo Recruit Newcomers To Trapshooting

Banning Assault Knives

Step Outside Just For The Health Of It

Women's Interest Growing

Range Safety

Bear Hunters Coalition

U.S. Taking Gold

California Ammo Sales

Blagojevich's Choice

Pennsylvania Safety

Assaults on Lawful Rifles

Wiconsin Pheasants Forever

NSSF's Shooting Teens

Kids And Gun Safety

60 Minutes Can't Get It Right

Why Reform Is Needed

Shame On Them

Youthful Champ Started In SCTP

Rifle Champs Recognized

One Of The Best

Bill Lets Wildlife Agency Promote Hunting

Must Reading

Seminars For Northwest Gun Dealers

Pennsylvania Gun Safety

New York Oops

Aiming For No-Net Hunting Land Loss

Instinct Just 'Took Over'

For Hunting, America Earns An Average Grade

Working Toward A "Clean" Bill

IHEA Fundraiser

Shot Show Trademark Infringement

Ohio Shooting Range Earns Top Rating

One Woman's Futile Search

Criminal Ingenuity

Anti-Hunting Effort In Michigan

Gentle Persausion

A Lot Of Passion

Rifle Shooter Wins Qualifier Sixth Great Outdoor Games

America Gets 'C' Grade in Sustaining Hunting Culture

Maryland Free of CWD

De Facto Ban on Ammo In California

Congress Encourages Self-Protection

Defending Firearms Retailers

At Home With Guns

Expanding Services For NSSF Members

Your Help Needed To Protect Lawful Commerce

Trading Places

Criminals Cause Crime In California

Pennsylvania and Internet "Hunting"

DC Gun Ban Repeal

Virginia's Right To Hunt

OWAA Board Apologizes

Kids Learn Shooting Safely

Private Property Rights

Heritage Fund Scholarships Winners

New DIrectory Offers Research Source

NRA Pulling Out Of Columbus

Celebrating 1852

President Hears From Conservation Leaders

More Sporting Opportunities On Refuges

Industry Opportunity To Hire Military's Severely Injured

Youth Hunting In Ohio

New York Age Questioned

Grizzly Rebound

Industry Awards

Battling Ballot Initiatives

The Blame Game

Taxpayer Burden

Gun Safety, Crime Prevention Gun Show

Investing In The Future

Youth Hunting

Sunday Hunting

Critical Date Approaches In California

No Internet "Hunting"

The Ultimate Tool

Debate To Begin

SCTP Crowns National Skeet, Sporting Clays Champs

States To Ease Youth Hunting Restrictions

Supreme Court Asked To Review Case

Minnesota DNR Teams Up With Step Outside

Harassment Law With Teeth

Group Points Finger At PETA For Killing Animals

Govenor And Youth Shooters at SCTP Event

Half A Million For More Hunting

Making Progress In Protecting Your Rights

Helping Hunter Safety

California Craziness

California - It's Working

DC Gun Fight

State Caucuses

Nevada Law Enforcement Sets Record Straight

Outstanding Journalism Recognized

More Gun Laws

NSSF Range A Big Hit

Playing "Beat The Clock"

Our Side Of The Story

NRA Fights Energy Giant To Uphold Law

Shooting Range Resources

NWTF Continues Support With $100K

North Carolina To Study Sunday Hunting

Educating Lawmakers In California

Momentum For New Waterfowl Conservation Measure

British Bill Would Ban Paintball Guns

16-Year-Old Hancock On A Roll

Florida Hunting Summit A Success

Officials Plan Crackdown On Illegal Gun Transfers

National Championships Draw 1,500-Plus Youths

Intrinsic Value Of Hunting

Ensuring Alaskans' Right To Hunt And Fish

SAAMI Granted Consultative Role To U.N.

President Signs Transportation Bill

Threats To National Wildlife Refuges Identified

Take A Kid Hunting

Right To Keep And Bear Arms?

Back To Hunter Safety School

Two More States Ban Internet Hunting

Newcomers Try Shotgunning In Oklahoma

Canada Officials Delay Gun Regulations

SCTP Youths, Coaches Spend Week At U.S. Training Complex

NSSF Seeks Change In Excise Tax Payment Schedule

Additional Support For 'Families Afield' Concept


Special NSSF Membership Offer To SCTP Coaches And Directors

FedEx Delivers Expanded Discount Program To NSSF Members

A Day To Recognize Hunters

Alaska Holds First-Ever Youth Day At State Rangers

Family Friendly In Utah

Ohio's Youth Season Helping

New York Decision Awaited

'No-Retreat' Bill

'No Net Loss' Bills Introduced In Florida

Bear Mauls Hunter

Elk Die-Off Mystery Solved

Budget Bill Concerns

USFWS Recommends More Flexibility In Goose Control

Retailers Can Use NICS E-Checks

Shooters Encouraged To Participate In

Energy Revenues And Sportsmen

Taking Aim At Hunting Stereotypes

CWD Roundup

Safe Firearm Storage

Wildlife Management Remains Hot Topic In Pennsylvania

High Pheasant Populations Found In South Dakota

USFWS Approves New Non Toxic Shot

Firearm Industry Supports 4-H

California Bill Passes Senate

Michigan Hunters Band Against Formidable Foe

Capitol Hill Staffers At The Range

Firearms And Air Travel

Clearing A Major Hurdle

USA Shooting Starts New Youth Pistol Program

Anti-Gun Governor In Illinois

Highway Bill Has Something For Hunters, Too

Fund To Finance New York Appeal

SCTP Goes Electronic

Teenage Girls And Shotguns

Bill Would Lower Hunting Age

Virginia Launces 'Find Game'

USA Today Focuses On The Business Of Hunting

N.Y. Times Op-Ed Supports Deer Hunting

'Guns For Cash' Violates N.J. Gun Laws

Activist Receives First Rowse Leadership Award

Impressive Year - To Say The Least

New Yorkers Urged To Take Action

A Voice For Retailers

Families Afield Closer To Law

NSSF Names New Retail Partnerships Director

Illinois Gun Owners Get Relief

5 Stars For Valhalla

Texas Concealed Carry Law Is 10 Years Old

Provocative Articles For Shooters, Hunters

Ohio House Passes Serial No. Bill

Ohio Hunting Bill Heads To Senate Floor

New Legislation Could Scuttle NYC Lawsuit

End Of An Era In New Haven

Families Afield Law Applauded

Governor Vetoes Concealed Carry Bill

Criminals Kill, Not Guns


New Scholarship For Women

Legislation Will Do Nothing To Stop Criminals

NSSF Membership and SHOT Show

Bloomberg Should Learn From Others

Woolrich Joins NHF Day Effort

Reprise: John Kerry, Hunter

Youth Hunters In National Spotlight

Canadians Blame Judges For Gun Violence

SGMA Super Show Goes To Regional Editions

Neb. Concealed Weapons Measure Has Legs

Hunting And Health

Another Attach On Law Abiding Gun Owners

Familes Afield Legislation Gains Support

Fighting Off The Bambi Factor

Martin Helps Boost Handgun Sales

S.C. Sportsmen's Caucus Sought

Safest Season Ever In N.Y.

MTV And Gun Owners

San Fran Ban And Criminals

Bovine TB Case Likely In Minn.

USA Shooting Membership Changes

NY Dealers Group Formed

Realtree Joins NHF Day Effort

Gift From A Gov

ESPN Great Outdoor Games On Hiatus In '06

NSSF Members Absolutely, Positively Save Money

Recommendation To End Shooting Program In AZ

Hunter Appreciation 101

Penn Issues CWD Measures

Criminals 'Laughing' At Martin's Plan

Two Days At The Grand

New ATF Regulations Guide

NJ Bear Hunt Ends

Concealed Carry

New Web Sites Showcase Shooting

Don't Lie For The Other Guy

Gun Sales Up, Crime Down

New York Bans Online Hunting

Ruffed Grouse Society Steps Outside

Brazilians To Vote On Gun Ban Referendum

Ban On Spring Bear Hunting In Ontario Questioned

Project Childsafe In New England

Smith & Wesson Police Tribute

Equine Encephalitis In Michigan Deer

Lipsey's Honored

Judge Grants Partial Dismissal To Refuge Hunting Ban

Browning Forms Endowment For NRA Foundation

New Curriculum For Turkey Hunting Safety

Penn., Wis., Ohio Bills

SRP Commences Fire

Location Set For SCTP Nationals

San Francisco Update

Gun Trafficking Legislation

Democrats Rethink Strategy

Left Of Center

Top Gun

New Mexico IDs CWD In Wild Elk

Bush Commends Congress On S. 397

Wingshooting USA

Gun Ban Rejected

Ohio Bill Will Put More Hunters Afield

American Woodcock Initiative Takes Flight

LaPierre Makes Hunting "Big Time" Winner

Floridas Youth Hunting Program Seeks Support

Large "Shooting" Entry In New Encyclopedia

FEMA Reverses Policy

Measure Likely To Be Thrown Out

Where The Girls Are

Legislative Courses

Bill Protects Ranges, Sporting Groups

Hunting For Sundays

Bear Vote Stands Up In Maine

Hunting Safety Vs. Other Sports

Washington Post Features Young Hunters

Agency Offers Web Site Scrapbook

Fund's Misson Remains The Same

Stepping Up For Step Outside

'Level Playing Field'

New Law Affects Dealers

Penn. Youth Hunting Bill Makes Progress

Canada's Problems Not America's

SHOT Business Wins Eddie Award

Wall Street Journal Puts Hunting On Page 1

Mixed Reactions

Thompson, TOC And Virginia Team Up For Special Hunt

56 Plans

The Outdoor Channel Expands Conservation Efforts

One-Stop Sportsmen's Issues Source

Motions To Dismiss

Lawsuit Talk North Of The Border

Hunter Numbers See Slight Increase

First Shot For 'First Shots'

NHF Day Encore For Tracy Byrd

Virginians 'Find Game'

Eight-Year-Old Girl Tags Maryland's First Bear

Mullin, 'Wildlife Harvest' Publisher, Passes Away

Florida Bill Protects Gun Owners In Emergencies

Ill. Senate Backs Vetoed Bill

Landowners Earn Money By Aiding Wildlife

Conn. Takes CWD Preventative Measures

Important Notice To All Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama Federal Firearms Licensees

All Signs Point To Hunting

NSSF Staffer Joins ATF

No Avoiding N.J. Bear Hunt

New ATF Form 4473 Goes Into Effect Today

ATF State Laws, Ordinances Online

Accurate And Fair

Brazil Vendors: Gun Ban Won't Do Much

Wetlands Cases Head To Supreme Court

NSSF Helps End California Threat

Positive Coverage Of Shooting

First Steps Into Hunting

'USA Today' Spotlights Firearm Industry Effort

Gun Sales Up In Northern Louisiana

Hall Confirmed To Lead U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service

Tourism Terrorism

Bison Hunting's Return

CWD Found In Moose

Elk Overflow

NWTF, U.S. Forest Service Renew Partnership

Internet Hunting Furor Continues

Bill Guarantees Voice For Animal Rights Interests

Weapons Prosecutions Up

House Passes Protection Of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act

NWTF Continues Support To Help Pass Landmark Legal Reform

President Bush Signs Historic 'Protection Of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act'

July-Sept. Increase A Welcome Sign

Wisconsin Ban Stands

Kansas Takes Another Shot

The Blame Game

Practical Revenue Source

Winchester Ammo Sales Up

Wild Turkeys, Turkey Hunters Continue To Increase

Hunting For Sundays

College Bill Shot Down

Vermont Forms Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus

16-Year-Old Phenom Honored

Pennsylvania Bear Hunters Set New Record

Cowboy Action Aficianados Await Silver Anniversary Event

Hunter Ed Online In Michigan

Bullet Points Survey

Ohio Apprentice Hunter Program Becomes Reality

Half Of U.S. Hunters Now Live In Family-Friendly States

Optimism High At SHOT Show

Despite Cheney Accident, Hunting Is Safe

Grits Gresham Honored

Lipsey Named SHOT Business Man Of The Year

Utah Youth Hunting Bills Advance

$42 Million For Shooting Park

More Women In Shooting, Hunting

Image Is Everything

NSSF Supports IDPA

More Support For Heritage Fund

Editorial Applauds Wisconsin Families Afield Proposal

Sportsmen's Privacy Bill Introduced

Guns Outside The Workplace

Bloomberg Says He'll Sue Out-Of-State Dealers

A Families Afield First

Ohio Sends Bill To Gov.

Targeting Illegal Gun Purchases

Have You Had Problems With An ATF Inspection Lately?

Wisconsin Senate Overrides Veto

Colleges Focus Of Gun Bill

Hunting For Hunting Land

Cazadores Nuevos

New Jersey Anti's Go After Bear Hunting

Protection Of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act Forces Dismissal Of Junk Lawsuit Against Glock, RSR

Shooting Industry Masters

Illinois Gun Makers Unite; Bill Put On Hold For Now

More States Review Youth Restrictions

Air Rifle Range For Boy Scouts

Easy Access For NSSF Members Online

Survey: Top Cops Say Gun Control Laws Ineffective

House Committee Holds ATF Follow-Up Hearing

Privacy For Gun Buyers

San Francisco Postpones Enforcement Of Gun Ban

NRA Sues New Orleans Mayor Over Gun Confiscations

CWD Update

City Seeks Answers On Winchester Plant's Future

N.J. Gun Owners File Lawsuit On Behalf Of Utah Victim

IDPA Holds Winter Championships

NCAA Rifle Qualifiers Announced


Boston Attacks Firearm Industry

Smith & Wesson Sales Jump 24%

Gander Mountain 4Q Profit Soars

NSSF Names Coburn Vice President, CFO

Interior Secretary Norton Resigns

More Support For NHF Day

Survey: 'The Range Report' Popular At The Club

Alberta Suspends Spring Grizzly Season

Connecticut Sunday Hunting Bill Omits Firearms

Selection Match Determines U.S. World Cup Trap Team

Privacy Of South Dakota Gun Owners Protected

Project ChildSafe A Persistent Reminder

Shooters Rally For St. Jude

Proposed Ban On Select Firearms Awaits Vote

Final SHOT Show Numbers

New York City Lawsuit Update

Bloomberg Seeks Help In Suing Gun Makers

Supreme Court Justice Champions Hunting

Amended Patriot Act Includes ATF Provision

Strong Earnings For Cabela's

Wyoming House Backs Gun Permit Change

No Firearms Questions From Doctors

NWTF Gives $175,000 For Sportsmen's Caucuses

Montana Gets Final Installment Of $3 Million Inheritance

Sheep Foundation Supports USA Shooting

Events Calendar

Program Supports Veterans

Report Shows 48% Decline In 10 Years

Setting The Safety Record Straight

NSSF Adds RSS News Updates

Mississippi Forms Sportsmen's Caucus

Pro-Sportsmen Candidates Lead Narrowly In Polls

Duck Hunter Survey Findings Released

House Committee Hears Accusations Against ATF

PA. Maps The Hunt

Shooting Sport Rotarians

Canada's Gun Registry Price 'Upsetting'

ATF Refrom Bill Introduced

First Shots

3,000 Strong

Project ChildSafe Thanks Partners

NSSF Honored For Wingshooting USA Campaign

Kriss, Kempffer Named NASR President, Vice President

How SHOT Show Has Changed

NSSF Featured On

Nebraska Concealed Carry Becomes Law

Four Pro-Gun Bills Become Law

$523 Million To Fish And Wildlife Agencies

College Group Makes Point With Gun-Giveaway

Boston Officials Add To 'Assault Weapons' List

South Africa Looks Closely At Hunting On Game Preserves

Women Take Up Shooting For Self-Defense

USA Shooting Offers Corporate Sponsorship Alternative

New Criteria To Make USPSA World Team

New York Considers Range Protection Bill

Industry, Public Input Helps Exclude Ammo From Bill

Alt To Address QDMA

Mayor Courts Brady Campaign

Hillary Clinton Quietly Signs On To Bill

Historic Winchester Plant Closes Doors

Nebraska Governor Promises To Sign Right-To-Carry Bill

NSSF Appoints R&R Manager, Range Promotions Director

FFL Newsletter

Legislative News Ranges From Good To Bad

Net Gain In Wetlands

Congressman Out To Ban Post-Katrina-Type Gun Confiscations

PETA Does It Again...And Again

ATF Abuses Brought Before Congress

Canadian Parliament Members Forming Outdoor Caucus

Toronto Mayor: 'People Don't Need To Own Handguns'

Saskatchewan Proposes Requiring Licensed Outfitters For All Wingshooting

Weekend Wraps Up Junior Olympic Championships

Quail Forever Forms 50th Chapter

NSSF Increases Support For Trailblazer Program

$1.37 Million For New Mexico Shooting Range

Hunting Heritage Partnership Web Site Launched

Kansas Concealed Carry Bill Heads To Governor

Tennessee Eyes NICS Bill

Bush Nominates Idaho Gov. To Head Interior

New Orleans To Return Confiscated Firearms

Winchester Plant Set To Close

New Face Of Ithaca Gun

ABC News Reports On Women And Shooting

San Francisco Sets Penalties For Gun Ban Violations

USA's Team For World Championships Completed

Women Take NCAA Rifle Titles

Great Lakes Gray Wolves No Longer Endangered

Sixty Farm Deer Test Positive For CWD

U.S. To Expand Bird Flu Testing

Pistol Match, Raffle To Raise Funds For Cancer Research

Wild Game Cookbooks

Statement By NSSF On Mayor Bloomberg's Comments Regarding Traced Gun Data

Testimony To Be Heard On Firearms Correction And Improvement Act

New Hampshire Makes Progress

FFLs Notified Of Child Safety Lock Act

Don't Lie Launching In North Carolina

Bill Would Protect Maryland Ranges

The Outdoor Channel Honored At North American

States Make Progress For Youth Hunters

Kansas Overrides Concealed Carry Veto

Newspaper Defends Gun Manufacturers

Sportsmen's Warehouse Joins NSSF

N.J. County Funds $1.2 Million Pistol Range

Interior Secretary Creates Sporting Conservation Council

Utah Takes Collegiate Pistol Title

Halls Of Fame

IHEA Appoints New Executive Vice President

Blind Retailer Files Suit Against ATF

Generous Scholarships For Shooters

IHEA Benefit Shoot

Firearm Industry Requests Seat At Mayors' Summit

FFL Seminars In California, Florida And On DVD

Firearm Dealer Pleads Guilty

Child Safety Lock Act Goes Into Effect

Scholastic Clay Target Season Underway

Conservation Leadership

Pennsylvania Youth Hunting

How To Take A Youngster Hunting

U.S, Army To Support Trailblazer Adventure Program

72 Hours To Report Gun Theft, Or Else

California Revisits Microstamping

Bushmaster Firearms Sold

Women And Practical Shooting

Charity Skeet Classic Raises $75,000 For Hospital

Americans Capture World Black Powder Rifle Championship

Spring Rifle, Pistol Selection Matches Define U.S. Team

Illinois Governor's Race

First Shots Gives First-Timers A Hands-On Intro To Shooting

Wal-Mart's Decision

New York Times Profiles Smith & Wesson Success

Lindenwood Cleans Up At College Shotgun Championships

More Support For National Hunting And Fishing Day

Deer Might Not Be Part Of Youth Hunting Program

New Mexico: Hot Spot For Shooters

Anti-Hunter Bitten By Teeth Of Harassment Law

Spring Selection Match Under Way

CWD Not Found In Pennsylvania Deer

Student Group Educates Others On Gun Issues

Junior High Power Clinic Planned

NSSF Asks Why Mayor Rebuffed Anti-Straw Purchasing Program

Firearms Industry Reps Meet With U.N. Ambassador, Potential Delegates

'Child Safety Lock Act' Calls Attention To Project ChildSafe

Idaho Range Holds Successful First Shots

Industry Defendants Seek Review Of NYC Judge's Decision

Times Report: Bloomberg Supports Pro-Gun Candidates

New E-Mail Service Available To FFLs

Brady Center 'Report' Off The Mark

SCTP To Hold First Ever Regional Championship

Americans Medal At World Cup USA

USRAC To Help City Attract Buyers For Winchester Plant

South Carolina Legislators To Form Sportsmen's Caucus

Bills Protect Confidentiality Of Concealed Carry Licensees

More Sunday Hunting Opportunities In Maryland

Scholarships Now Available For Heritage Fund Members

2005 Excise Taxes Close Out On Top

Vermont Range Protection Bill Heads To Governor

Catch The Vision

ATF Letter To New York FFLs

'Lost Or Stolen' Firearms Legislation Is Dead

Micro-Stamping Takes Hit In Professional Journal

5-Year-Old Finds Success On First Turkey Hunt

Bruce Karaban, Publishing Leader, Mourned

Cabela's Profit Up In First Quarter

Winchester Ammo Sales Up, Overall Olin Earnings Down

D.C. Suburbs Turn To Sharpshooters For Deer Problem

Brady Campaign Taps New President

Celebrities Take Stand On Hunting, Shooting Issues

Shooters Distinguish Themselves At Top-Level Competitions

Florida Passes 'No Net Loss' Hunting Bill

Groups Urge Stronger Conservation Tax Incentives

Manager Defends Deer Hunting On National Wildlife Refuge

Management Opportunity At NSSF

Senate Confirms Idaho Governor To Bush Cabinet

Congress To Consider Firearms Commerce Relief Bill

Training California Retailers

Bad Bills In California

Byrd Proudly Promotes Outdoor Lifestyles

Youth Hunting Bills Move Forward

Vermont Acts Against Nuisance Lawsuits

Hunting Film World Premier

Court Rejects Anti-Hunters' Challenge

City Turns Over 'Sting' Information

'Smart Gun' Needs Time, Money

No Gun Confiscation In Alaska During Future Crises

Sportsmen's Caucus Denied

Canada Registry A 'Billion Dollar Boondoggle'

New York Hunters Provide 300,000-Plus Meals

Protection Of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act Cited

Law Enforcement: Bloomberg's Stunt Compromised Cases

No Lie: 'Don't Lie' Valuable In Combating Illegal Gun Sales

'First Shots' A Hit At Arizona Range

AP Feature: Firearms Manufacturers Meeting Women's Needs

Youth, Apprentice Hunting Bills Head To Michigan Senate

Volunteers Honored For 'Families Afield' Effort

Making It Up

NSSF Donation Supports College Programs

Congressmen, Industry Meet & Shoot

Reporter Enjoys Experience At Newest Five Star Range

Pennsylvania Hunters Set New Safety Record

Canada's Long-Gun Registry On Way Out

Shooting Industry Academy Of Excellence Presents 2006 Awards

DNA Proves Hunter's Bear Is First-Known Wild Polar Bear-Grizzly Bear Hybrid

National Park Service To Shoot Elk

North American Waterfowl Management Plan Reaches Milestone

Wisconsin Offers Novices Deer Hunting Workshops

New York Judge At It Again

Sporting Clays Hot Among Arizona Youths

It's Criminals That Do The Killing

Mayor's Gun Conference Called 'Silly'

Letter Regarding Child Safety Lock Act Of 2005

Survey Points To Positive Expectations In Year Ahead

Newest Five-Star Range

ATF Annual Report

ATF Reform Bill May Be Considered This Week

Eye Opener

Firearms Dealer Arrested

States Have Differing Takes On Emergency Powers

Minnesota Attempting To Create Funds For Hunting & Fishing

Gov. Bush's Signature To Help Sportsmen Register To Vote

N.J. Bear Protestors Found Guilty

Ex-ATF Official Speaks Out Against Mayor's Actions

Bloomberg To Introduce City Gun Bills Next Week

Police Organization Supports Trace Data Provision

Positive Shooting Coverage In Chicago Tribune

New Ruger Board Members

Gander Mountain Reports First Quarter Results

South Caroline Veto Overridden To Form Sportsmen's Caucus

Deadbeat Parents Lose Tennessee Hunting Privileges

Mississippi Governor Signs & Shoots In Support Of Sportsmen

Hunters Want More If The State Gets More

Baltimore Prosecuting More Gun Cases

'A Shot In The Dark'

Tories Rebuff Gun Registry Supporters

Piatt Captures Bianchi Cup

Women Shooters In The Spotlight

Annual Turkey Shoot To Draw 1,000-Plus

Muzzle Loaders To Gather For Spring Shoot

QDMA Secures $50,000 Grant For Deer Research

New Mexico Governor Petitions For Wilderness Protection

Youth Shooting In The News

Airline Fee For Checked Guns

NSSF Assists With Rhoda Island Hunting Bill

Pay-Per-View, Shoot-And-Release Hunting Tourney

Educating Firearms Retailers

Publicity Hound Mayor At It Again

Congress To Consider Gun Bills

Women Shooters

Scholarships For Heritage Fund Members

Give Handgunning A Try

Hunters And Fees In Pennsylvania

Giving Back To Their Sport And Industry

Pro Shooter Joins S&W

USA Shooting Coach A Finalist

'Gun Talk' Reaching 5 Million More Listeners

Habitat For Waterfowl Production

Bush Invites Americans To Get Outside

Shooting News In The Works

NSSF Launches Portal Web Site

Smith & Wesson Profit Surges, Record Revenue Reported

Families Afield Bill In Michigan

Targeting Illegal Gun Buys In Baltimore

Project ChildSafe Launches In Pennsylvania

Rethinking Air Canada Fees

First Shots A Big Success In Oklahoma

San Francisco Gun Ban Shot Down

Another Anti-Gun Mayor Turned Criminal

Ordinances Would Affect New Jersey Retailers

Committee Marks Up ATF Budget

A Good Reason To Restrict Trace Data

CCRKBA To Bloomberg: 'It's The Criminals, Stupid'

'Winchester's Hired Gun'

USA Shooting National Championships

NRA National Rifle, Pistol Matches To Begin July 10

Sportsman's Team Challenge

First Show Airs This Week

UN Conference On Small Arms Begins

Michigan House Passes Youth Hunting Bills

NSSF Offers Discounted Travel Web Site

'Super Bowl' Of Tennesee Youth Trapshooting

Don't Lie Receives Award

New York Passes Handgun Exemption

Oppose New Jersey Ammo Bill

First Shots On Target

In Support Of Wetlands Conservation

DU Kicks Off Campaign

Dove Hunters Can Make A Difference

Brady Campaign: College Gun Clubs 'No Problem'

ATF Raids Gun Parts Business

The Passion

Top Anti-Gun Senator?

Shoot Benefits Military Relief Groups

Calling All Industry Shooters

No Retreat In Alaska

Nominations For NRA-ILA Award

Firearms Industry Voices Concerns

Governor Gets Michigan Families Afield Bills

In Rural America, Gun Ownership Not Partisan Issue

Range Owner Sues New York Police Commissioner

Scout was Prepared

Youth Outdoor Ed Bolstered By Step Outside Grant

Kansas Eligible to Apply for Concealed Carry

Gun Traces and 'Crime Guns'

House GOP to Focus on Guns, Conservative-Backed Measures

Shooting Champions Emerge

Drury Brothers Show Features Catch-A-Dream

Pledge Establishes Gunsmith/Gunmaking Endowment

Hogan Joins Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

U.S. Stands Firm, Rejects Future Meetings

Health Insurance for NSSF Members

House Votes to Overturn Safety Lock Measure

SCTP Skeet and Sporting Clays Nationals

New Five-Star Range

Smith & Wesson to Trade on NASDAQ

Gun Control: A Political Loser

Florida Dems Disagree on Guns

Court: Owners May be Liable for Shooting with Stolen Guns

50th Annual SAAMI Shoot

Duck Numbers Up

Hunting Documentary Announced

Daytona Shooting Range Opens

Fifteen Army Rifle, Pistol Marksmen Make U.S. Team

Pitstol, Rifle Championships Begin at Camp Perry

Lifetime Gun Permits Proving Popular

Gun Collectors to Gather in Dallas

Participation Up Again at Skeet and Sporting Clays Nationals

U.S. House May Vote on Pro-Gun Bills

Ted Rowe Joins SAAMI

NSSF Promotion, New Addition

Voice for Connecticut Retailers

Lead Ammo Under Attack in California

ATF Leads the Way

Senate Supports 2nd Amendment Rights During Emergencies

Trace Data Amendment Rejected

Smith & Wesson Opens Museum

Massachusetts Mandates Course for New Hunters

Dakota Arms Files for Chapter 11

New York Times Tells of Novice in Pursuit of Carry Permit

NSSF to Have Presence at Pawnbrokers Convention

Newspaper Spotlights Civilian Marksmanship Program

We're Calling You Out

NSSF Seeks Retail Partnerships Director

NSSF Names New Director of Public Affairs

Governor Signs Illinois Bill, Pennsylvania Program Takes Effect

Boy Scout Council Creates First Shooting Sports Post

House Judiciary Committee Expected to Vote on Pro-Gun Bills

Let Law Enforcement Do Its Job

FFLs: Doing it Right

Georgia Gun Shop Sues New York Mayor

SCTP Youth Makes Virginia History

Outreach Opportunity

New York City Passes Bills Affecting Retailers

Grant Supports NSSF's Conservation Videos for Schools

Plan to Restore Woodcock Numbers

America Represented by the Spirit of 76

Army Reservist Takes NRA Pistol Championship

Women are Concealing with Style

Women Shooters Make the News

New Management Policies for Refugees

Jump Driven by Strong Ammo Sales

Youth Shooting Program on the Rise

New Home, New Era for the Grand

The Penalty for Lying and Buying

Looking for a Retraction

Florida Joins Families Afield List

Heritage Fund Scholarship Winners

Izaak Walton League Joins NSSF

House Approves Ban on Confiscation During a Disaster

Survey: Duck Population Up 14 Percent

E-Duck Stamps

Feds May Expand Hunting Opportunities

Bill Ties U.N. Gun Control Activities to U.S. Funding

Americans Take Gold at World Championships

Sixteen-Year-Old Sets National Air Rifle Record

Firearms Industry Comments on NYC Settlement with Gun Dealers

Animal Rights Group Claims Credit for Botched Arson Attempt

Scholastic Program Kick Offs Competition Tuesday

Vote Your Sport in the Primaries

NSSF, Pawnbrokers Association Forge Alliance

ATF Director Resigns

First Shots at Steel Challenge

Women of Steel

Winchester Ammo Sales Up 7 Percent

Cabela's Posts Strong Second Quarter

All Ready on the Firing Line

Updated Industry Research

American Shooters Finish Strong

New Youth Mentorship Program

Challenges for Home-Based FFL's

Billboard Prompts Story

Aiming for Accuracy

Right of Self Defense Expands

Women Who Hunt--the Film

Romance Writers Learn About Guns

Court Upholds State's Right to Regulate Non-Residents

Walk-In Access Expansion Sought

Knife Owners' Advocacy Group Formed

Record Turnout for Scholastic Program

Grand Opening

NSSF Demands NBC Cease Airing Political Ad

Report: Outdoor Recreation Pours $730 Billion into Economy

Rhode Takes Shot at Skeet

Sunday Hunting to be Discussed

China Encourages Hunting

Oregon Allots Tags for Terminally Ill Young People

Girls Prove Dominant in Inter-Camp Shooting Match

Times Profiles Gun Color Manufacturer

Big Game in the Big City

Missouri Student Wins NSCA/NSSF Scholarship

Pennsylvania Sportsmen to Get Their Own Museum

Federal Court Affirms Sport Hunting Representation

Spectators Introduced to Shooting

'Don't Lie' Targets Illegal Straw Purchases in Indiana

Making Progress

SHOT Show on Fastest Growth List

Manufacturers Show Support for Scholastic Program

New Measurement Tool for Ranges

NSSF Joins Alliance of Sporting Groups and Federal Agencies

Winchester, Browning License Agreement

Judge Refuses to Dismiss NRA, SAF Lawsuit

Last Stand for Long Island Range

Hunting Ethic Interferes with CWD Eradication Plan

Firearms Now Allowed in Five Ohio Parks

Vermont Editorial Addresses Increasing Hunter Numbers

Frats, Sororities and Shooting Clubs

Federal Regulations Liberalize Goose Hunting Options

Proposed Firearms Ordinance Draws Big Crowd

Support for Public TV Documentary

Shoot to Benefit Cancer Research

Supporting the Industry

FBI NICS Checks on Rise

Creating Demand for Hunter Safety Classes

Federal Pro-Gun Bill Update

Equal Time?

"Don't Lie" Launches in Indianapolis

NSSF Recognizes Efforts of Volunteer

Olympic Hopefulls Selected for Development Camp

Calls to Ban Long Guns in Maryland

Hunting for Sundays

Some Hunters Fear Impacts from Movie

Smith & Wesson Posts Record First Quarter

U.S. Repeating Arms Assests to be Auctioned

Federal Ruling Puts Onus on Fish & Wildlife Service

House to Vote on Pro-Gun Bills

Sturm, Ruger Names New CEO

Larson Named NSSF Director of Retail Partnerships

Researching the Hunt

2006 Field & Stream Total Outdoorsman Challenge

FFL Seminars a Success

First Shots on the Move

Coltsville: National Historic Landmark?

Researchers Find No Bird Flu

Skeet Great to Manage Clay Target Facility

Rhode Wins Final Selection Match

Shooting Industry Masters to Benefit Step Outside

Hunter's Handbook TV to Highlight NSSF Programs

Celebration Grows in 2006

Pro-Gun Bill Should See House Vote Today

Scholastic Shooters Visit Olympic Training Center

New York University Questions Bloomberg Stunt

New NSSF Resource Guide Available

D.C. Newspaper Uses NSSF Research to Slap Anti Hunters

Indiana Restores Gun-Carry Right in State Parks

Arizona Enacts Hunter Harassment Law

Leaders Celebrate Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus

Hunters Dating Hunters

USPSA Crowns Champs

Bloomberg Sued Again, Stonewalls Release of Tapes

Remington Employees Take a Step Outside

Club Owners See Trapshooting Growth

Families Afield States Preparing for More Young Hunters

"Shooting USA" Moves to the Outdoor Channel

A Visit to Manhattan's Beretta Gallery

Once Again, Shooting Industry Masters Hit the Mark

House Passes ATF Reform Bill

Families Afield Reaches 5 Million Potential Mentors

"Shattering Negative Perceptions of Guns"

SCTP Goes Olympic-Style

Illinois Selected for Wingshooting USA Test Market

Jeff Cooper Dead at 86

Congress Passes Landmark Disaster Recovery Legislation

2006 Gun Rights Policy Conference a Success

SCI Executive Director to Retire

"Political Grandstanding" and More in Boston

Bloomberg Misdirects His Anti-Gun Anger

SCTP Holds International Championships

Outdoor Press Enjoy Shooting Day

Media at SHOT Show

Women in the Industry

Bird Flu Update

SIGARMS Appoints New National Accounts Manager

Sportsmen Come Together for Patton Museum

Girls, Girls, Girls

President Signs Post-Katrina Protection Law

Congressional Shoot a Success

Changes for NICS

Report Confirms Abuses by Former ATF Director

Online Resources for Finding Hunting Places

10 Percent More Young Hunters

Invite a Newcomer

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Car Thief Gets Youths' Guns

Clark County Shooting Park Ground Breaking

Remembering Dick Baldwin

Historic Landmark Status Rejected for Colt Complex

New York Candidate Pledges Clinton-Style Gun Control

Building Customers with First Shots

Range, Retailer Seminars Held in Arizona

SHOT Show Retailer Seminars

Denver Post Writer Focuses on Need for "Young Guns"

Triggering a Wall Street Milestone

The Outdoor Channel Names Werner CEO

Jersey City 30-Day Law, Lawsuit

Collisions Blamed on Hunters

Project ChildSafe in Wisconsin

Ladies Fill Beginner Handgun Camp to Capacity

Hunting Ethics Reminder

SHOT Gala Tickets on Sale

Four Trillion Reasons to Keep Sportsmen Active

White Flyer Pulls for New SCTP Teams

Hunt and Shoot and Win

Winchester Ammo Sales Up, Year Earnings Expected to Top 2005

Ruger Firearms Sales Up 19 Percent

U.N. Panel Approves Draft Resolution on Arms Trade Treaty

NSSF Contributes to Teams' Lost Gun Fund

Industry Sales Up 5% in Second Quarter

Hunt and Shoot Opportunity Updates

USA Shooting Hosts First Shots

Congressman to Address Industry's Future Leaders

SHOT Show University

NSSF Offers Members Free Legal Consultation

Cabela's Sales Up in Third Quarter

Bear Hunt Matters in New Jersey

Hunters, Shooters at the Polls

Indicator of Strong Gun Sales

SHOT Show Gala Tickets Available Online

NASGW Awards

ATF Licensing and Regulatory Legal Consultation

Hunters in Condor Country

Pro Athletes Carry Guns

Employers Choose Tolerance as Hunting Season Arrives

Senators: Governor Putting Residents in Harm's Way

Getting Engaged Biathlete-Style

Creating Opportunities for Hunters

NSSF in a Nutshell

Lawyer with Anti-Gun Ties to Monitor Firearms Dealers

Anti-Gun Mayor Convicted on Gun Charges

NSSF Press Releases Via E-Mail

Motown Media Reports on Youth Hunting

SHOT Show Performers No Strangers to Shooting, Hunting

SHOT Show Events for Women, Future Leaders

New Jersey Puts Final Blow to Possible Bear Hunt

Gander Mountain Reports Record Third Quarter Sales

Concealed Carry Law Gives Business a Boost

Mainstream Media Upbeat on Hunting, Shooting Trends

Help Promote

Bloomberg Won't Walk the Talk

ATF Reform Bill in the Press

Survey: Ranges See Third-Quarter Increases

Gun Makers File Motion

Sporting Arms, Ammo Imports Up

Newsweek Looks at Hunting in America

New Jersey Court Rejects Hunters' Initial Request

History of the AK-47

Youngsters Enjoy QDMA Hunt

Plaintiffs Want Ban on Lead Ammo Adds Local News

NICS Explains Outages

ATF Agrees to Review California Revocations

First Shots Guide Available for Ranges

10 Tips for Working with Media

New Jersey Supreme Court Blocks Bear Hunt

Gun Education in Sixth-Grade Curriculum

NRA President Visits Gun Maker

Ohio Lawmakers Pass Revised Concealed-Carry Bill

New Report: Sales Increase Beats Market Average

City Files Second Lawsuit Against Firearms Dealers

ABC World News

All Sports Pitches in for Heritage Fund

Survey: First Shots Creating New Shooters, Customers

Families Afield in Kentucky

ATF Compliance Consultations for NAFR/NSSF Members

Gun Talk Features

Hunt-and-Shoot Sweepstakes

Primedia Parts with Hunting, Shooting Titles

Smith & Wesson Reports Record Second-Quarter Sales

Ohio House Overrides Governor's Concealed Carry Veto

D.C. Attorneys Wish to Re-Interpret Second Amendment

New Jersey Commissioner Protects 'Cute Bears'

North Carolina Commission Won't Recommend Sunday Hunting

Quail Unlimited announces their 19th Annual QUAIL UNLIMITED National Championship Dog Trial

National Hunting and Fishing Day Launches Yearlong Learning Campaign

Aeschliman Named NSSF Director of Public Relations

King of the Collegiate Shotgun Teams

Collegiate Shotgun Teams to Vie for National Title

Firearm-Related Fatalities at Record Lows

Jeff Foxworthy Named Honorary Chairman, National Hunting and Fishing Day

SHOT Show 2007

Manufacturers Recognized for Support of Scholastic Clay Target Program

Budweiser Conservationist of the Year Named at SHOT Show

The Outdoor Channel Earns Annual Achievement Award

CSF President: Sportsmen Prepared for Uphill Battle in Washington

Fallout From Virginia Tech Massacre

ESPN Networks to Air College Shotgun Championships

NSSF Online News Service

Firearms Industry Responds to Bloomberg's Latest Anti-Gun Efforts

College Shotgun Event Hits the Mainstream

Scholastic Clay Target Season Gets Under Way

Canadian Government Postpones Firearms Stamping

Firearms Industry Applauds Supreme Court Decision to Hear Second Amendment Case

ESPN Networks to Air College Shotgun Competition

Cabela's to Fuel Celebration of National Hunting and Fishing Day

Ruger Milestone Rifle Highlights SHOT Show Auction

Firearms Industry Applauds Supreme Court Decision to Hear Second Amendment Case

Elected Leaders Show Bipartisan Support of National Hunting and Fishing Day

Summer's Here, Sports Fans. Get Your Gun and Head to the Range

Pro-Growth / Pro-Conservation Remedy to Tax Code

Youth Teams from Around the Nation To Vie for National Trap Championships

NSSF Announces STEP OUTSIDE Sweepstakes

Young Guns to Shoot for National Titles This Weekend in San Antonio

Media Resources for National Hunting and Fishing Day

Step Outside

National Shooting Sports Foundation Awards Grants to Eight States

Youth Hunters a Bright Spot Amid Downturn

SHOT Show Auction

Industry Sales Up 36 Percent in Second Quarter

New Hunting License Sales Reach 34,000

Semi-Auto Ban Headed for Defeat

'Watershed Moment for Second Amendment'

New Tools for Planning, Promoting National Hunting and Fishing Day Events

Spotlight on First Shots

NSSF Launches Membership Drive

California Governor Signs Anti-Gun Bills

Strong Industry Support Sought at Conference

National Hunting and Fishing Day This Saturday

Future Stars


Up to the Challenge

U.S. House Passes Farm Bill

'Little League World Series' of Shooting Sports

Gun Maker

OSHA Extends Comment Period on Proposed Ammo Rules

Lawmakers, Industry Leaders Meet at the Range

Big Help From Big Rock

Texas Tops Nation in Ranking of State Hunting and Fishing Economic Impact

Conference Committee Expected To Reconcile House, Senate Versions

New Shooters, Customers At Florida Range

Illinois County Trying To Shut Down Gun Stores

Journalists' Congressional Comment Deadline Dec. 19

Steel Challenge Acquired By USPSA

DPMS Under New Ownership

Outdoor Channel CFO Resigns

Romney Claims NRA Endorsement He Didn't Receive

Poll: Huckabee More Than Doubles Support

Majority In U.S. Poll Support Gun-Ownership Rights

U.K. To Ban Imitaion Samurai Swords

Buyers Beward! You Can't Win If You Don't Stay

Eight State Groups To Meet At Shot Show

USA Shooting Names Athletes Of The Year

Retailer Education At Shot

Shot Show Gala Features Randy Travis

Show Show Auction

SCI Persuades Airline To Change Policy

FEDEX Discount For NSSF Members

Step Outside Sweepstakes Offers Big Prizes But Deadline is Near

NRA Enhances Bianchi Cup Competition

Pheasant Fest Tickets On Sale Now

Bill Richardson Courts New Hampshire Hunters

Licata Named Field & Stream Editor

NSSF Reports Online

NASGW Expo Breaks Attendance Record

Deal Expected to Close By End Of January

New Report Released

Congress Addresses Key Issues In Session's Waning Hours

Winchester Ammunition Wins $29M Navy Contract

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Names New CEO

Leupold & Stevens Supports Priority Youth Programs

Gun Shop Owners Raising Money for Marines

Anti-Hunter Must Grin and Bear It

30th Show Kicks Off February 2 in Las Vegas

Save the Date

New Online Resources for Media, Industry

Congressmen Introduce Pro-Gun Bill in House

Commissioners Trying to Shut Down All Gun Stores In Country

Keynoter Huckabee Bags Pheasant While in Iowa

Remington to Pay $41.7 Million for Marlin

Colt Defense Gets Major Military Deal

Blaser USA Announces New Ceo

Winchester Ammunition Supports Priority Youth Programs

Initiative Targets Tree-Stand Accidents

Humane Society May Merge Anti-Hunting Forces

NRA Seeking Owners of Seized Guns in New Orleans

John Hosford, Former CCRKBA Leader, Passes Away

Credit Card Processing Company Rejects Firearms Industry and Refuses to Process Transactions

Shot Show Auction Bell Ring in New Year

Background Checks Up 4.1 Percent in 2007

D.C. Files Brief, Announces Legal Team in Gun-Ban Case

Friend: Bloomberg Seriously Considering Presidential Run

Range Owners Profiting From First Shots

Daisy Donation To Aid Youth Programs

Exclusive Distributor

N.Y Times Rips Senators For Call To Lift Parks Carry Ban

Maine Records One Of Its Safest Hunting Seasons

Free Seminars At the Shot Show

Proposal Will Put Tight Leash On Sporting Dog Breeders


States Passing Hunter-Friendly Laws See Upswing

D.C. Courst Upholds DIsmissal of Lawsuit Against Gun Makers

Citi Merchant Services and First Data Update

NRA Statement On U.S. Supreme Court Case

Grab Those Absentee Ballots, Shot Show Goers

Remembering Ken Sedlecky

Pete Brownell Named Brownells President

Smith & Wesson Forms Military Advisory Council

Ohip Range Adds First Shots to Monthly Offerings

Appeals Court Upholds Overturning San Francisco Gun Ban

'Gun Vote Could Decide Mighigan GOP Primary'

NBA, NFL Called Anti-Gun

Tomorrow Is Deadline For Range Grant Application in Arizona

Survey Participation May Help Keep Ranges On Federal Lands Open

Grant Money to Aid States' Hunter-Recruitment Efforts

Sponsirships Kick off 2008NHF Day Celebration

Mayor Calls for Microstamping in New York City

Bloomberg Deposed

ATF To Add Manpower to Stop Illegal Guns Into Mexico

SHOT Show Event Updates

Press Conferences at SHOT Show

Do Shooting Ranges and Paintball Mix?

Cabela's Fights Back Against Cook County Ordinances

Massachusetts Committee To Hear Flawed Legislation

Gun-Rights Advocates Voice Discontent in D.C. Case

Conservation Program Reaches Million-Acre Milestone

Hunting Heritage Workshop Opens Annual Conference

Scopes Legalized On Muzzleloaders In Nebraska

FFL Legal Defense Program

SHOT Show Shatters Records in 30th Year

Nearly 2,000 Exhibitors Pack Las Vegas Convention Center

State of the Industry

Sci Provides $250,000 to NSSF's Hunting Heritage Partnership

Jim Carmichel Honored

Legislators of the Year

Industry Celebrates $3 Billion Contribution to Conservation

Budweiser Honors Conservationist Launched

Aloha (Goodbye) Bullet Serialization Bill

Youth Hunting Bills Moving in Four States

Tennessee Committee to Vote on Right to Hunt Bill

Ammo Sales Help Boost ATK Profit; More Funding For Ammo Plant

Winchester Ammo Sales, Profit Up In Fourth Quarter

Outdoor Channel Post Profit, Names Hunting Advisory Council

Nevada State Senator John Lee Named NSSF 2007 Legislator of the Year

Firearms and Ammunition Contribute $3 Billion to Wildlife Conservation

NSSF Sponsorship Starts 2008 Celebration of National Hunting and Fishing Day

NSSF Launches Media Resources Site

Traditions Names Shane Wheaton VP/Director of Sales

Lilley Joins XONtv For Media and Public Relations

Pennsylvania Congressman Joins Second Amendment Caucus

Firearms Drive Funding For Elk Foundation Mission

National Wild Turkey Federation to Celebrate Sporting Traditions, Conservation

30th Show Shatters Records

Couldn' Make It? Visit

Media's Role in Empowering Sportsmen For 2008 Elections

NSSF Honored For Commitment To Defending Sportmen

NSSF Files Brief in Supreme Court Case

Vice President Shows Support For Second Amendment

First Shots Announces More Than 30 New Ranges

Anti-Gun Movement At State Level

Maryland Bill Would Establish Minium Hunting Age

Court Again Rejects ATF Motion to Revoke N.C. Dealer License

Republican Candidates and the Second Amendment

'ATK Fires Up Profits'

Pheasants Forever Recognizes Young Hunters' First Bird

Realtree to Sponsor National Hunting and Fishing Day

Families Afield Bill Becomes Law in Nebraska

Remembering Grits Gresham

Firearms Retailers Form Association in Illinois

Ellett Brothers Continues Strong Support of NSSF

Campaign Pays Off For NSSF Member

Realtree, NWTF to Sponsor National Hunting and Fishing Day

Duck Stamp Price Hike Included In Federal Budget Proposal

Class Action Lawyer Sentenced

Henry Repeating Arms Moving to New Jersey

Senator Renews Compliants About ATF Nominee

Disabled Find Way to Hunt

Brownells Gunsmith Job Fair

Industry Commended For Shows 30th Anniversary

Cabelas Renews Commintment to National Hunting and Fishing Day

Background Checks Up 5.3 Percent in January

NSSF 2007 Annual Review Now Online

Ruger Announces Stutler Retirement

Cabels Profit Up In Fourth Quarter

ATK Wins 43.8 Million Army Ammo Contract

Brownells Launches

SHOT Show Retail Services Pavilion For Sale

Conservationist's Prize to Benefit Elkhorn Ranch

Elk Callers Win World Titles

Threat in Connecticut Microstamping to be Heard in Committee as Early as Monday

National Academy of Sciences Study Advocates Against Creation of a National Ballistic Imaging Database

Firearms and Ammunition Industry Announce Opposition to Microstamping and Bullet Serialization Legislation

Industry Support Fuels First Shots' Success

Industry Calls Press Conference, Testifies Against Bills

Shooting Sports Summit - An Event Not To Miss

Former SCTP Standout Makes Olympic Team

Supreme Court Justices Ready For DC vs Heller

Industry Supports First Shots

South Carolina SCTP Success Story

Families Afield Success Continues

Range Receives Mayors Award

Call In To Block Cook County Gun Ban

Yourth Shooting Sports Alliance

Colorado Legislature Bans Internet Hunting

United Opposition to Bear Protection Bill

News Of The Day On NSSF Homepage

State Legislative Sportsmens Caucuses are Active

Electronic License Point Of Sale Delayed Again in Pennsylvania

A New Number 2

Bullet Serialization Bill Pulled In Kentucky

NSSF Members To Receive ID Cards

Shotgun Olympic Trial Kick Off In Texas

US Airgun Team Set For Beijing

USA Today Spotlights Skeet Shooting In New Magazine

Sanetti Named President and CEO of NSSF

Woolrich to Sponsor National Hunting & Fishing Day

Colleges to Shoot for National Titles in San Antonio

Michael Waddell to Chair National Hunting and Fishing Day

National Shooting Sports Foundation Awards Grants to 12 States

Remington To Close H&R 1871 Plant

Record $724,980 in Grants Awarded to 12 States

Facing the Future: Join Us in Colorado Springs

Study Results to Be Released

Speaker Spotlight: Neil Howe

Collegiate Clay Target Championship

Save By Registering Before Wednesday

Olympic Training Center Opens Its Doors for Summit

National Hunting and Fishing Day Welcomes Outdoor Channel as Sponsor

Lindenwood Tops Field, Claims 5th Straight Title

Register Online For Shooting Sports Summit

NBC Hires Shari LeGate For Olympic Games

Study on Climate Change's Threat to Game Habitat

Changes at Remington

Firearms Industry Responds to Mayorial Gun Summit

Chief Executive Officer of NWTF

Nevada Youth Embrace SCTP

Youth Mentor Hunting Program Passes New York State Senate

Anti-Gun Bills Flood New York Assembly

Title Sponsor of Media Day

Spend Stimulus Check on New Firearms

Public Comment Sought In Washington State

Protection For Ranges Among Idaho Legislative Highlights

Maryland Sportsmen View Victories

A Different Idea for Mother's Day

A Good Reminder, Too, for Men Who Hunt and Target Shoot

Hunting Heritage Trust to Sponsor National Hunting and Fishing Day

Safari Club International to Sponsor National Hunting and Fishing Day

Shooting Range Grant Program Created by NSSF

NSSF Asks Industry to Promote Effort

Sporting Consercation Council Takes Up Challenge

Duck Populations Remain Above Average

Promoting Practical Pistol Shooting

SAAMI Announces New Officers

Colorado Congressman to Push For Use of P-R Funds For Ranges

ATF Comment on Heller Decision

Sportsmen Ponder Impact of Budweiser Sale

Project Childsafe In North Carolina

Nevada ACLU Supports Individual Right

Sights on Beijing: A Look at America

Help Your Customers Track Olympic Shooting Events with USA Shooting

NSSF to Sen Obama: 'Where do You Stand on Gun Bans?'

D.C. Officials Weigh Keeping Semi-Auto Pistols Illegal

In One Year, Pennsylvania Youth Shoot Doubles in Size

NSSF to Host CSF Briefing on Excise Tax Reform Bill

Audit Faults New York City Police For Losing Track of Guns

'What's Wrong With This Picture'

Good News for Idaho Shooting Ranges

Arizona Publis Shooting Ranges Receive Grant Funds

Emmons Earns Three Titles at USA Shooting National Championships

National Matches Begin This Week at Camp Perry

Firearms Industry Hails Victory in Supreme Court Second Amendment Case

Sportsmen Hold Huge Raffle and Outdoor Expo in Wisconsin

Field & Stream, Outdoor Life Support National Hunting and Fishing Day

A Trip to the Shooting Range: A Bang-up Way to Spend Father's Day

National Hunting and Fishing Day Welcomes Smith & Wesson

Women Are Filling Handgun Classes; Surveys Show Personal Protection A Big Motivator

Massachusetts Governor Puts Law-abiding Retailers in the Crosshairs

Governor Huckabee Addresses NSSF Shooting Sports Summit

The Firearms Fairness and Affordability Act

Olympics Spur Record Year for Scholastic Shooting Program

19 Year Old Wins In Shootoff

Olympic Wrap-Up

FBI Data Points To Increse In July Gun Sales

NSSF Passes SCTP Torch

Gun Dealer Fights For License

Councilman Tries To Bar Pawn Shops From Selling Guns

Texas School District Approves Carry For Staff, Teachers

Steel Challenge Wraps Up In California

Hunting Tactics Applied To Marine Corps Training

Bureau Draws Praise For Sage Grouse Anouncement

NWTF Founder Honored With Special Award

76% of Sportsmen Say They Prefer to Elect a President Who Hunts or Fishes

NSSF Passes Torch of Popular Youth Program to New Foundation

Rhode Wins Silver in Skeet

Media Resources for National Hunting and Fishing Day

Eller Takes Double Trap Gold, Sets Olympic Record

Cluth Shot Gives US Its First Shooting Medal

Full-Page Poster In LA Times Spotlights Olympic Shooter

ATF Launches E-Mail Updates

Gun, Ammo Sales Up 9.7% in First Quarter

ATK Armament Sales Up 32 Percent

D.C. First Shots, SCTP Championships Discussed On Gun Talk

Future of Shooting On Display In Illinois

Learnin About Handgun Ownership

2008 Shooting Sportd Summit Videos

Manufacturers: Benchmark Your Business Growth

NSSF Members Featured in Industry Trade Magazine

Intermedia Outdoors Acquires Barrett Productions

California Urge Gov Schwarzenegger to Veto AB 2498

In Debate, Biden Boasts about Gunban Efforts

US Shooter Double Medal Count From Athens

Steel Challenge Results Posted

NHF Day Events Planned Nationwide

NHF Day Drawing: Win A Yamaha Grizzly FI ATV

McCain VP Pick A Lifelong Hunter, Gun-Rights Supporter

DNC Party Platform on Gun Control

RNC Party Platform On Gun Control

'Elect Freedom' Theme For Conference

D.C. FFL Expects To Be Licensed Today

Lawyers in D.C. Gun-Ban Case Seek Fees From District

New Public Range In Alabama

Texas Awards Grants For Seven Ranges

Pennsylvania Council Seeks Dialogue With Hunters

State Lowers Minimum Age For At-Home Hunter Ed Study

Firearms Industry Statement on Results of CDC Blood Lead Levels in Hunters Study

CDC Study Shows No Health Risk Associated with Traditional Ammunition

Shot Show January 15-18 In Orlando

Recognizing 10 Years Of NICS

Gun Store Uses 'Black Friday' For NRA Membership Drive

Ruger SR9 Approved For Sale In California

Smith & Weston Fills State Agency Orders For M&P Pistols

NASGW To Launch Online Ad and Marketing Aid

State Of The Industry

Under One Roof

Manufactures Invited To Attend Boy Scouts Meeting

NSSF Challenges Grizzly Bear Lead Study

Sports Illustrated: The Future Of Hunting

Whitetails Unlimited Starts Shooting Program

Firearms Industry Launches Blog to Address Inaccuracies Surrounding Firearms

Firearms Industry Lauds Development of Electronic Form 4473 at ATF Press Conference

Sales Remain Strong For Manufacturers

Video Interviews Illustrate First Shots Success

Ruger Sales Surge in First Quarter

Strong Demand Drives Winchester Ammo Sales

Firearms Microstamping Study Bill Introduced in U.S. House

Firearms Industry Matches ATF Reward

Big Jump in Hunting License Sales

US Sportmens Alliance on Target

Trapping Bill Vetoed By Illinois Governor

Georgia Legislator Realizes Bill Could Ban Hunting

PETA Tour Compares Slavery With Animal Use

Federal Bill Threatens Sportsmen's Tax Breaks

Sportsmen Fear Federal Budget Provision Could Harm Hunting

Wisconsin Bill Simplifies Transport Of Hunting Arms

Effort To Expand Trapping In Illinois Coming To A Crossroad

Hearing Scheduled For Bill To Eliminate Hunting Barriers In Ohio

Congress Approves Law to Stop Frivolous Gun Lawsuits

British Hunting Ban Upheld

Wisconsin Bill Protects Retrieval Of Hounds

Sporting Dog Breeders Threatened By U.S. Senate Bill

New York Bills Ease Restrictions On Youth Hunting

Bill To Stop Frivolous Gun Lawsuits Heads To Senate

Local Government Threatens Bowlhunting In Georgia

Hunter Harassment - It's Not A Matter Of Free Speech

National Policy To Protect Hunting Introduced

Anti's Attack Hunting On National Wildlife Refuge System

Bill Introduced To Ban Trapping Nationwide

Studies Show Youth Are Trading Fishing Rods For TV Remotes

Bill To Stop Frivolous Gun Lawsuits Advances To House

New Jersey Bear Attack Proves Need For Hunt

Committee Formed To Protect Hunting

Anti's Threaten Bowhunting At Local Level

Youth Hunting Opportunities Abound In Alabama

California Senate To Vote On Microstamping Bill

Wisconsin Bill Will Put More Sportsmen In The Field

Bowhunt Underway In Duluth

Rewards Offered For Information About Eco-Terrorists

Thousands Invested In Anti's Effort To Ban Michigan Dove Hunt

Farm Closes After Years Of Animal Rights Terrorism

New York Euthanasia Bill Is Camouflaged Attack On Hunting And Trapping

Animal Rights Message Landing In Children's Laps

New Jersey Anti's File Lawsuit To Stop Bear Hunt

Two States Make Strides To Ease Hunting Age Restrictions

Pennsylvania Bill To Establish Mentor Hunting Program On The Move

USSA To Defend New Jersey Bear Hunt In Court

New Jersey Bear Hunt To Be Held

Youth Hunting Program Featured On CNN

Massachusetts Bill Gives Sportsmen Extra Day In The Field

Pennsylvania Holds Signing Ceremony To Celebrate Families Afield

Maryland Judge Dismisses Anti-Trapping Lawsuit

New Jersey Sportsmen Get No Reprieve From Anti's

Ohio Families Afield Bill Approved By Senate

More States Join Effort To Protect Hunting On Public Lands

New Jersey Animal Cruelty Bill Threatens Hunting With Dogs

Indiana Bill Imposes Hunting Buffer Zones

Wisconsin Youth Hunting Bill Cears Senate Panel

Arizona Bill Will Strengthen Hunter Harassment Laws

Bill To Control Ammo And Firearm Sales Clears NY Assembly

Pennsylvania Governor Signs Families Afield Bill

New York Bill Controls Ammunition Sales

Anti's Call For Deer Birth Control In Park

Families Afield Bill Passes Assembly In Wisconsin

Families Afield Campaign Makes Huge Strides In Mid-December

Bambi Is Basis For Beatle's Animal Activism

Penn Families Afield Bill Clears Legislature, Awaits Governor's Signature

USSA Honors National Conservation Leaders

Mississippi Bills To Protect Hunting Lands Advance

Assembly Hearing Rescheduled For California Anti-Hunting Bill

Bear Issues Affect North American Big Game Hunters

Utah Governor Signs Youth Hunting Bill

Bill To Protect Public Hunting Land Moves Forward In Sunshine State

Bill Gives Alaska Hunter Harassment Law More Bite

Maryland Considers Opening Additional Sunday Hunting Opportunities

NWTF Contribution Proves Dedication To Keeping Sportsmen Afield

Nebraska, Kansas Closer To Concealed Carry

California Animal Cruelty Bill Poses Serious Threat To Hunters And Dog Owners

Mississippi Bill To Protect Hunting Land Approved By House

Missouri Bill Helps Protect State's Whitetails

Pennsylvania Bill Beefs Up Hunter Harassment Laws

Make An Impact With Grassroots Action

New Jersey Sportsmen Stop Dangerous Animal Cruelty Bill

Sportsmen's Action Crucial To Help Stop "Ballot Box Biology" In Missouri

Vermont Bill Would Unravel "Crazy Quilt" Of Local Firearm Laws

NSSF Donation Ensures Future Of Hunting & Shooting Heritage

Cabela Family Honored For Giving Back To Sportsmen's Community

Louisiana Bill Ensures Hunting On State Lands

Animal Rights Activists Convicted Of Terrorism

California Hunters And Dog Owners Beware

Connecticut Senate Approves Bill To Add A Day In The Field

Maryland Bill To Put Trapping In Hands Of Local Government Advances To Governor

Online Business Sells Postage Stamps To Benefit HSUS

Bills Could Create Opportunities For Sportsmen Who Work During The Week

Pennsylvania Bill To Beef Up Hunter Harassment Law Goes To Governor

Arizona Hunter Harassment Bill Goes To Governor

Mississippi No Net Loss Bill Heads To Governor's Desk

HSUS Under Investigation After Hurricane Relief Fundraiser

Missouri Bill To Help Stop "Ballot Box Biology" Advances In Senate

New York Bill To Ban Trapping At Local Level Advances To Assembly Floor

Arizona Governor Signs Hunter Harassment Bill

Sportsmen Move To End Lawsuit To Ban Hunting On Refuges

Pennsylvania Creates Rules For Mentored Youth Hunters

Anti's Prepare To Strike At Trapping In The Courts

Michigan Senate Approves Bill To Lower Hunting Age Restrictions

Sportsmen Delay California Anti-Hunting Bill

Cabela's Donation Will Help Ensure Future Of Outdoor Heritage

Sportsmen's Advocacy Group Goes To Court To Defend Hunting In Florida

Florida Bill To Protect State Hunting Land Is Going To The Governor

Trailblazer Adventure Program Tops Quarter Million In Attendence

Bill Safeguards Hunting Opportunities On Federal Lands

Grave Robbing Anti's Will Do Time For Their Crime

New York Anti-Trapping Bill Passes Assembly

Trailblazer Sweepstakes Is A RISK-Free Fundraiser For Clubs

Anti's Petition To Keep Florida Bears Out Of Sportsmen's Sights

Hunters Input Vital To Future Of Hunting On Cape Cod

Perry Bass, Texas Outdoorsmen, Dies At 91

Sportsmen Stop California Anti-Hunting Bill

Effort To Save Hunting In Michigan Needs Your Support Today!

Court Decides Utah Wildlife Amendment Will Stand

Pennsylvania Signs Off On Mentored Youth Hunting Program

Bear Hunting Leaders Meet To Fortify Defense

Hunter Recruitment Bill On The Move In Michigan

USSA Statement On New Tournament Hunting Organization

Florida Bill To Protect State Hunting Land Becomes Law

California Bill Reinforces State Control Over Wildlife

Turn Your Vacations Into Donations For The USSA

PETA Sways Ralph Lauren To Change Dress Code

Fishing, Hunting Industries Unite

Michigan Legislature Approves Hunter Recruitment Bills

Sportsmen's Action Needed To Stop USPS From Promoting HSUS

Louisiana Taking Steps To Ensure Hunting Heritage Lives On

Charges Against New Jersey Bear Hunter Dropped

AVMA Refuses to Partner with HSUS

USSA Works to Protect Hunting on Important New England Hunting Lands

Louisiana Governor Signs Pro-Hunting Bills

Landlord May Force Oregon Fur Store Out into Street

Michigan Governor Signs Hunter Recruitment Bills

Pennsylvania Bill Adds Additional Hunter to Game Commission

Can We Talk?

Visit the USSA Travel Store for Great Deals

Illinois Governor Signs Families Afield Bill

Federal Bills Crack Down on Animal Rights Terrorism

Trailblazer Hosts Heading to Shotgun World Championships

A Good Partner

Rhode Island Dog Tethering Bill Dies in Committee

Little Rock Considering Bowhunting to Reduce Growing Deer Herd

Pot Calling Kettle Black: PETA Boycotts China for Dog Killing

USSA Takes on Fish and Wildlife Service Regarding CITES Trophy Hunting Reform

City of Louisville, Kentucky Proposes Strict Limitations on Hunting Dog Ownership

Italian Hunters Strike to Protest Unfair Portrayal in Media

USSA Files Complaint with Postal Service Regarding Anti-Dove Hunting Stamps

Detroit Zoo Supports Michigan Anti-Dove Hunting Initiative Removes Animal Rights Stamps: USSA Asks for Freeze on Funds

Animal Rights Extremist Gets Prison Sentence for Interfering with Hunt

Michigan Sportsmen Respond to Anti-Dove Hunting Event

Judge OKs Sportsmen's Involvement in Lawsuit to Defend Hunting

Additional Legal Challenge Brought to Ban Trapping in Minnesota

Candidate Resists Anti's Threats

Judge Allows USSA Involvement in Suit to Defend Trapping

Big Game Hunters will Suffer from Tax Rider

USSAF Joins Case to Protect Trapping in Minnesota

Michigan Gubernatorial Candidates Agree

Courtroom Turns into Battleground for Animal Rights

Wisconsin Lawmakers Prepare to Safeguard Hunting

Thousands Prepare for First Time Afield After Hunting Barriers Eliminated

Sportswoman Submits Recipe, Wins USSA Prize Package

New Jersey Governor Will Not Approve Bear Hunt

Only a Handful of 52-Gun Raffle Tickets Remain

Gander Mountain Partners With USSAF for Mentoring Program

Sportsmen Sue to Protect New Jersey's Bear Hunt

Sportsmen Amend Lawsuit after DEP Commissioner Nixes Bear Hunt

Radio Legend Lets Anti-Hunting Colors Fly High

Deer Hunt Protestors Chain Selves to Diocese Door

USSAF Fights to Keep Hunting Open on Refuges

Time Will Tell What Election Day Changes Will Mean for Sportsmen

Anti's Buy Election Victory in Michigan

Anti’s Cry Wolf, USSAF Joins Suit to Downlist

Restrictive Pennsylvania Dog Regs Sent Back to the Drawing Board

Tens of Thousands Safely Join Sportsmen’s Ranks

Court Allows DEP to Develop New Bear Policy

USSA Testifies Against Proposal to Expand Reach of ESA to Ban Hunting

USSA Invited to Brief Senators On Hunting and Polar Bear Conservation

Sportsmen Win First Round in Court Fight to Protect Trapping

California Sportsmen Stop Bill to End Dog Breeding

USSA Provides Breakdown on Congressional Vote To Ban Polar Bear Hunting

U.S. Cleans Up at Pan American Games

Sportsmen Join Suit to Protect Wildlife Management on Kofa NWR

Assembly Proposes to Alter New Jersey Fish and Game Council

HSUS Knows Anti-Hunting Agenda Will Tarnish “Mainsteam” Reputation

Congressmen Again Turn to USSA For Expert Testimony

USSA to Stand Up for Hunting on Fox News Program

Sportsmen Applaud President’s Order to Promote Hunting

Microsoft Funds the Anti-Hunting Movement

Bill Introduced in Congress to Ban Polar Bear Hunting

Legislative Proposal Will Put Tight Leash on Sporting Dog Breeders

Maryland Bill Establishes Minimum Hunting Age

Hornady Wins 2008 Cabela Lifetime Business Achievement Award

NSSF Honored for Commitment to Defending Sportsmen's Rights

Proposed Ordinances Could Prove Dangerous to Sporting Dog Owners

The U.S. Sportsmen Alliance has people in the field

Sportsmen Should Investigate Candidates' Stance on Sporting Issues

Nebraska Governor Signs Law to Increase Hunter Recruitment

Bob Barker Donates Money for Animal Rights Class

South Africa Imposes New Regulations for Elephant Population Control

Families Afield Progress Continues

Indiana Governor Signs Law Establishing Apprentice Hunting License

Bill Introduced to Allow Hunting on National River

Minnesota Mourning Dove Hunt Under Attack

Indiana Governor Signs Law Establishing Apprentice Hunting License

Sportsmen Must Defend Against Kentucky Animal Control Advisory Board Changes

Sportsmen Successful in Bid to Protect Black Bear Hunt in Florida

Window for Youth Hunting Bill Closing in Wisconsin Senate

Mourning Dove Hunting Again Under Attack

Families Afield Success Continues

Window for Youth Hunting Bill Closing in Wisconsin Senate

Wisconsin Debates While Michigan Recruits Young Hunters

Chipotle Mexican Grill Caves to PETA Influence

Hunting Dog Retrieval Bills Introduced in Three States

Nebraska Trapping Bill Passes Out of Committee

Mentor Hunting Bill Signed Into Law by South Dakota Governor

Legislation To Remove Barriers Introduces 87,000 to Hunting

Wisconsin Sports Fest Launched

Number of Female Hunters Increasing

Wolf Removed from Endangered List

Missouri Deer Collision Bill Will Cost Sportsmen

West Virginia Governor Signs Hunter Safety Education Bill

Anti Attempts to Infiltrate America’s Pastime

New York Working to Lessen Youth Hunting Barriers

Anti-Hunting Activist Charged for Feeding Bears

HSUS Grooming Future Anti-Hunting Activists

Meijer Supporting Anti-Hunting Movement with Photo Contest

Meijer Ends Promotion with HSUS

Hunting Dog Retrieval Bill Close in Georgia

Former Beatle Joins PETA Crusade

Ohio Television Stations Refuse to Run PETA’s KKK Ad

Sportsmen Encouraged to Thank Meijer for Ending Promotion

Contact Meijer and Demand That It Stop Supporting HSUS

Animal Rights Coalition Sues Over Wolf Delisting

Anti's Challenge Ruling in Florida Black Bear Case

Commission Denies Prairie Dog Hunting Ban

Animal Rights Group Dupes Donors Into Believing It Takes Care of Animals

Revised PA Bill Will Take Bite Out of Sporting Dog Breeders

Fund Launched to Combat Largest Anti-Hunting Group

Urgent – Action from Journalists and Outdoor Industry Required

Register Online for a chance to Win a Gun-A-Week

HSUS Pushes for Ineffective Deer Management

Letter Exposes Animal Rights Agenda of HSUS to Feds

Legislative Panel Passes Kennel Regulations

President Bush declares June “Great Outdoors” Month

Animal Rights Law Passed in Switzerland

Get a Job Doing What You Love:

Anti Groups lobby for Hotel Heiress Fortune

HSUS Lost Money on Fundraising

Time is Running Out to Register for the Second Annual Trailblazer Charity Shoot

California Bill Prohibiting Local Hunting Ordinances Moves to a Vote

Good News Flowing From California as Spay/Neuter Bill Dies, Other Positive Legislation Moves to Governor

Check Out the USSA on Facebook, CamoSpace, and HuntersNetworks

PETA Looks to Set SeaWorld Animals Free

Victory for Sportsmen in Arizona as Judge Decides in Favor of Wildlife Management

Refuge Decision Preserves Principle of Wildlife Management

Less Than Three Weeks Until Presidential Candidate John McCain to Speak at the 2008 USSAF “Save Our Heritage” Ohio Rally

USSA needs you and your club!

Sportsmen Await Impact of Election

Congressman Claims HSUS Campaign Harming Local Humane Societies

PETA: Save the “Sea Kittens”

Don’t Forget the Trailblazer Adventure Sweepstakes

Check Out Another Exciting Website For Sportsmen

Ringling Brothers Circus Sued By Antis

Shock: PETA Intern Changes Name to “”

PETA to College: Stop Using Animal Mascot

USSAF to Join Maine Trapping Lawsuit

Pennsylvania Dog Kennel Bill Passes with Sportsmen Protections Included

USSA Leads the Way on Protecting Outdoor Activities in National Parks

HSUS- Guilty of Wiretapping and Conspiracy?

PETA Making an "Ass" of Itself Again

Seattle Mayor Seeks Gun Ban

New Jersey Governor Urged to Solve Bear Crisis

Video Game Onslaught From PETA

Health Official: Thumbs down on PETA Pilgrim Thanksgiving

Obama Taps Holder for Attorney General

Sportsmen Dismayed by Overthrow of Congressman John Dingell

U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance Opposes Extremist Call to Ban Lead Ammunition

PETA Calls for "Under-18" Hunting Ban

Sportsmen Fight another Lawsuit by Antis' Seeking Ban Hunting and Trapping

Grassroots Battle Over Next Secretarty of the Interior

USSA Denounces Minnesota Hysteria Over Lead in Vension

Concealed Carry to Be Allowed in Most National Parks and Refuges

Anti-Hunter Considered Front Runner as New EPA Administrator

Sportsmen Wary of Obama Admin Hiring Questionnaire

HSUS Calls for National Lead Ammo Ban

PETA Calls on Arizona Governor to Ban Hunting for Those Under 18

Hunter’s Choice Award for America’s Best Looking Deer

Get Involved in Workplace Campaigns To Benefit Conservation

Longtime Friend of USSA Honored by Mississippi State University

New Jersey Legislation Allowing Sunday Bow Hunting Moves Forward

President-Elect Obama’s Secretary of the Interior

California Governor Vetoes Pro-Hunting Bills

Bid on a Two-Person Argentina Dove Hunt!

Going Live With Several New Web Features

Connecticut Sportsmen Should Oppose Trapping Ban

Rush and the Anti’s? This Must Be Bizarro World

Governor Signs New Jersey Sunday Bowhunting Bill

Coalition Embraces Ban on Lead Ammunition in National Parks

USSA Announce Three Employee Moves

Vermont Sportsmen Win Round One

Anti-trapping Efforts in Connecticut Fail

Atlanta TV Report Puts HSUS Donations in the Spotlight

Congress Passes Bill Allowing Guns in National Parks

California Expanding Ban on Traditional Ammunition

USSA Announces Three Employee Moves

National Shooting Sports Foundation Awards $499,000 to Nine States to Promote Hunting

German Court Upholds Stop on PETA “Holocaust” Campaign

California Spay-Neuter Bill Receives Hearing

PETA Wants a Guantanamo “Empathy Exhibit”

Wisconsin Assembly Passes Bill to Recruit New Hunters

CT Rivers Council, BSA to Host National Youth Outdoor Program

USSA and Others Seek Great Lakes Wolf Delisting

Idaho to Stop Wolf Management under ESA

Rocky Mountain Wolf Update

PETA May Have Misused Video Images

Press Releases

Royal Canin USA Announces New President & CEO Announces Partnership with Royal Canin USA, Inc.

Michigan Sportsmen Officially in the Anti's Crosshairs

State Agencies Receive Grants Through Hunting Heritage Partnership

Step Outside For Health At America's Hunting Preserves

U.S. Hunter Numbers See Slight Increase

Firearm Manufacturers Ask U.S. Supreme Court To Review Case

'First Shots,' Newcomers Give Handgun Shooting A Try

Firearm Industry Granted Consultative Role To United Nations

Youths Win National Trapshooting Championships

U.S. House Of Reps. Passes Protection Of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act

Help Your Sport By Taking Online Survey

Realtree Joins Renaissance Of National Hunting And Fishing Day

'Step Outside' TV Kicks Off Second Season On The Outdoor Channel

Senate Passes Landmark Legislation Affecting Gun Owners

Teenage Girls Taking Up Shotgun Sports In Record Numbers

Find A Place To Hunt At WingshootingUSA

Judge Denies Firearms Industry Motion To Dismiss New York City Case

Hunting Gear Sales Surge

Step Outside Eyes A Half-Million Newcomers

Firearm-Related Fatalities Remain At Record Lows

Industry Helps Growth Of Women In Hunting And Shooting

National Duck Hunter Survey 2005

Winners Announced In Annual Step Outside Photo, Story Contests

National Hunting And Fishing Day Gains Support From NWTF

President Bush Commemorates National Hunting And Fishing Day

National Hunting And Fishing Day Adds New Sponsor:

State Championships Slated For Scholastic Clay Target Program

ESPN Networks To Air Shooting Events

Gun Sales Rise As Crime And Accident Rates Fall

NHF Day Welcomes Newest Sponsor: Recreational Boating And Fishing Foundation

Safety, Conservation Brochures Feature Classic Messages, New Looks

Firearm Industry Awards Grants To 10 States

'Step Outside' Kicks Off Third Season On The Outdoor Channel

Wonders of Wildlife Opens New Exhibit for National Hunting and Fishing Day

New Window to the World of Hunting, Shooting

Step Outside, Wonders of Wildlife Strengthen National Hunting and Fishing Day Events

Youth Shooting Teams Hauling Home the Hardware

Country Star Tracy Byrd Talks Hunting and Fishing

SHOT Show Blast

1,500 Youngsters Expected to Compete at World's Largest Shooting Competition

Nation's Largest Youth Shooting Competition Crowns Team Champions

One Month to National Hunting and Fishing Day

More Women with Guns

Researching the Hunt

Using the Internet to Find Hunting Places

Firearms, Hunting Gear Among Hottest Selling Sporting Goods

Second Amendment Triumph: Justices Uphold Individual Right!

SAF, SCCC Hosting 'Supporting Campus Concealed Carry' Forum Aug. 1

Platform Confirms Dems Still 'Don't Get It' About Gun Rights, Says CCRKBA

U.S. Soldiers to Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day

House Right To Vote On D.C. Gun Regs, Make Council Behave, Says SAF

'Acorn Uses Public Funds To Steal Elections, Now Your Gun Rights," says SAF

Seatle Mayor's Plan Disregards State Law, AG Opinion, Says CCRKBA

Holder Nomination Signal Obama's True Anti-Gun Rights Agenda

Stop the Seattle Gun Ban

At Last! Concealed Carry for Iowas that Works!


CCRKBA ‘Guns Save Lives' Event