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Project HomeSafe

Project HomeSafe has succeeded in distributing all 2.4 million of the firearm safety kits it was able to purchase in 2002. Looking ahead, a new grant from the U.S. Department of Justice and additional funding from the firearms industry through the National Shooting Sports Foundation will allow a fleet of mobile education units to distribute increased allotments of firearm safety kits to all partnering states in 2003.

Firearms Injuries Decrease Dramatically

Analysis of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data from the Firearms Injury Surveillance Study for 1993-1997 show a dramatic decrease in non-fatal firearms-related injuries for all age categories for children and adolescents. This decrease coincides with a similar drop in accidental firearms fatalities, which reached an all-time low in 2000.

Courts Become Battleground for Sportsmen’s Rights

The animal rights movement often tries to use the courts to advance its anti-hunting agenda. Recently, it has launched a barrage of lawsuits against government wildlife management and natural resource agencies to stop or affect hunting on public lands – including National Wildlife Refuges, National Forests and Bureau of Land Management lands. Sportsmen rely on U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation’s Sportsmen’s Legal Defense Fund (SLDF) to meet the threat head on.

The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance - A Tradition of Serving Sportsmen

The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance and the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation, formerly the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America and Wildlife Conservation Fund of America, have been dedicated to uniting sportsmen to defend against legal and legislative attacks by the animal rights movement for nearly a quarter century. This rich history includes numerous victories on behalf of our nation’s sportsmen and wildlife professionals.

The Who’s Who of Conservation Organizations

Every week I receive several solicitations in the mail and via email to join or contribute to conservation, wildlife, special interest groups and political organizations. And I am not alone, I am sure many of you are on some of the same mailing list as I am. Wildlife and conservation has become a business and raising funds, be it through contributions or memberships, has become very competitive among the countless number of special interest groups out there. Many of these groups spend millions each year on lobbying efforts to help promote their particular cause or goals. However, many of these groups are not always clear on their agendas or stances concerning hunting. Also, local affiliates sometimes differ drastically from their national’s policies concerning hunting, firearm ownership and the shooting sports.

What Can We Do To Save Our Sport?

As hunters, gundog enthusiasts and firearms owners we must prevent any legislation that has a negative effect on our sports, otherwise we will lose! The best means of defeating these types of laws is through a grassroots approach. Politicians sit-up and pay attention when they start hearing from constituents! Here is a list of easy things you and your family and friends can do to help prevent more anti-hunting laws.

Taking Political Aim

There is a political conspiracy underway in this country to eliminate your Second Amendment rights and to abolish all hunting! Members of this conspiracy are well organized; having ties to a network of many unlikely political associations. The regular cast of characters, groups like the Brady Institute, Americans for Gun Safety , and others are now aligned and are receiving money, training and political strength from extreme environmental and animal rights groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)...

Confessions of a Convert

My parents took me on anti-war marches when I was an infant and I was a vegetarian for at least a month of my teens. At 17, I was carried off and booked at a non-violent protest. My liberal, peace-loving, anti-hunting, granola-snacking credentials are solid.

So now, how do I explain this to my daughter, whose comforter is stuffed with the down I harvested from 19 Canada geese in 1998? What do I say to my four-year-old son, who dutifully drags thrice-dead whole chukkar carcasses out of the freezer for Daddy to throw to the champion-bred Chocolate Lab who shares our home?

Field Trialers -- Consider This Our Wake-up Call!

If you have not heard about the Pittman-Robertson Act, and the abuses taking place within the United States Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS), pay attention, our sport is under attack and the “wolf is in sheep’s clothing”.

The Who’s Who of Conservation Organizations

Wildlife and conservation groups are looking for your contributions, but are their policies concerning hunting the same as yours?