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The Who’s Who of Conservation Organizations

by R. Michael DiLullo

Wildlife and conservation groups are looking for your contributions, but are their policies concerning hunting the same as yours?
Every week I receive several solicitations in the mail and via email to join or contribute to conservation, wildlife, special interest groups and political organizations. And I am not alone, I am sure many of you are on some of the same mailing list as I am. Wildlife and conservation has become a business and raising funds, be it through contributions or memberships, has become very competitive among the countless number of special interest groups out there. Many of these groups spend millions each year on lobbying efforts to help promote their particular cause or goals. However, many of these groups are not always clear on their agendas or stances concerning hunting. Also, local affiliates sometimes differ drastically from their national’s policies concerning hunting, firearm ownership and the shooting sports.

So, who do you support and whom do you send your hard-earned money to with confidence that the funds will be used appropriately? The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has published What They Say About Hunting. The pamphlet summarizes the position of 21 major conservation and preservation organizations and will provide you with a clearer view of these groups views on hunting. To receive a copy of What They Say About Hunting, phone the NSSF at: (203) 426-1320 or write them at: NSSF, Flintlock Ridge Office Center, 11 Mile Hill Road Newton, CT 06470. You can also visit them on the web at:

Supporting a group or groups whose views and opinions closely match your own is a responsible and noble thing to do. As hunter/conservationist it is our duty to support the organizations that supports our rights and our sports. But, do your homework and find out whose goals you are really going to be supporting!

One of the anti’s strategies is to dive wedges between different hunting groups (the old divide and conquer tactic). They are very happy and have accomplished part of their goal when we begin fighting amongst ourselves. Support others rights to hunt, trap or participate in the shooting sports, as they like. Remember, if they eliminate hunting bears or cougars with hounds today, they might just come after your bird dog tomorrow. The outlawing of my military style semi-auto (“assault” type weapon) will eventually lead to your auto-loading deer rifle or shotgun also being confiscated!

To find out who is funding some of these anti-hunting/animal rights organizations, the Center For Consumer Freedom has set up a website that provides information on many of the familiar and some of the lesser know groups. The Center’s site, monitors who is funding these extreme environmental and animal rights organizations and where they are spending their money. Log-on and find out which celebrities, corporations and foundations are supporting these radicals and trying to eliminate your rights and freedoms!
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