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Gearing Up for the 2003 Waterfowl Season

This year we are pleased to work with some of the best manufacturers in the outdoor world with several outstanding new products for waterfowling. Don’t be without these great new products as the season gets into full swing

Goose Hunting

Goose hunting is generally a cold temperature proposition, requiring an inordinate amount of decoys and gear. The work begins long before dawn, with numb fingers and clouds of frost frozen into your face mask, but there isn’t much in the world of hunting that compares to the sight and sound of a sky full of geese falling on top of you.

A Spring Snowstorm

I had never seen a white tornado before. I had heard the stories, seen the almost unbelievable images in hunting publications and even a video or two, but try as I might, I could not really visualize what thousands of greater snow geese slowly circling lower and lower into an agricultural field would look like. I don’t think anyone really can, for it truly is one of nature’s phenomenons. It is a sight that is really an experience, one that every waterfowler should see for himself to truly understand the grandeur and sheer greatness of this awe-inspiring spectacle.

In Search of “The Magical Flute”

How many duck calls do you have in your “call drawer”? How many have you tried and then relegated to the “call drawer” because “It just isn’t right” or, “It just doesn’t fit my style of calling”? I know of guys that not only have drawers full of calls but also sacks of calls. Some drag the sacks along every time they venture in to the field. How many guys do you know who insist they have a half-dozen duck calls around their neck while in the blind? They have one for hailing the ducks. They need another for when the ducks get closer. They need that “special call” for the real close-in ducks they don’t want to scare away.

Speaking and Duck Calling

Over the years it seems instruction on how to operate a duck call has been a monumental task. In its simplest form it can be reduced to the “make ‘er sound like this” approach, and in a more complex form it can be taught as the science it really is. The first approach relies on an abundance of talent while the second puts a premium on intelligence.

Gearing Up For Goose Hunting

Even though the warm weather and the green grass of September makes hunting season seem months away, the colder nights and morning dew reminds us that early goose season is here and migratory season is fast approaching. As the days get shorter and the nights longer now is a perfect time to start thinking about gearing up for goose season.

Late Season Waterfowling

The demands of late season waterfowling on both hunter and dog requires prior planning, some specialized equipment and a bit of determination. But, the rewards of a late season hunt can be very productive, if you are prepared.

The Blind

The old blind was a familiar place; one we had shared many times, many seasons before. It was a place of memories, of laughter, frustration and the quite reverence that only a hunter can know. The marvel of experiencing, and being part of nature herself. Of being witness to the first and the last, sunrise and sunset of the season, year after year.

Keeping Them Warm

Keeping your hunting dog warm and dry, especially during the later part of the hunting season, means knowing the signs of cold-related illnesses and injuries and how to prevent them.