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Helping You Get the Most From Your Hunting Dogs

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Keeping Your Dog Hydrated

George Hickox of George Hickox Bird Dogs will teach you how to keep your dog hydrated.

Putting On An Electronic Training Collar

George Hickox gives you a tip about how to put an e-collar on your dog.

Using A Treadmill To Exercise Your Dog

Jennifer Broome of Quinebaug Kennels is going to show you how she teaches some of her puppies how to go on a treadmill.

Feeding Your Hunting Dogs

Hi, I'm George Hickox. We're here in North Dakota on our training grounds. I want to talk about feeding your dog.

Introducing Your Dog To Water Retrieves

Tom Dokken of Oak Ridge Kennels is going to show you how to introduce your dog properly to the water.

Teaching Your Dog The Kennel Command

We're going to do some remote electronic collar conditioning today. I know the electronic collar is a scary tool for some folks when it comes to do training, but if used properly, if used with the correct intention, and certainly if you condition your dog to it properly, it's a very, very valuable tool to have in the field.

Teaching Steady To Shot

Tom Dokken from Oak Ridge Kennels in Northfield, Minnesota is going to show you today how to get true steadiness out of your retriever.

Teaching Your Dog to Run Straight Lines on Marks and Blinds - Part II

Now that we know the dog has mastered the obstacle, we're going to go in the field and use cover. We want to make sure that the dog a way to get around the cover and put these stakes in front of it so he doesn't take the path.

Teaching Your Dog to Run Straight Lines on Marks and Blinds - Part I

I'm Gary Breitbarth from G&D Kennels and what we're going to try today is obstacle training which is to teach the dog to take a straight line and not veer from cover.

Teaching Your Dog To Be Steady With Platform Training

Would you like to teach your young pup how to start at steadiness in the field? Today, we're going to use a place platform and teach your dog an area to go, an area to learn to go to on command and an area to learn to be steady.