Garmin's Guide: How to Train your Dog to Sit and Stay

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Garmin's Guide: How to Train your Dog to Sit and Stay

In this article we explains how to teach your dog to sit and stay with a Garmin collar.

Make sure that the leash is on your dog before you start your training session. Pick a spot wherein there are no distractions for your dog. Before you proceed to training your dog to sit and stay, be sure to teach him the heel command first.

You might be wondering if you are going to teach your dog 2 commands here. Actually, the “sit” command is what you actually tell your dog while the “stay” part is just implied. You should expect that your dog will stay put if you tell him to sit until you tell him that he can now move from his place.

1.   Your dog must first be on a leash in this training. First, walk your dog in the heel position.

2.   Then you should stop walking and lightly tug on the leash and give the command “sit”.

3.   You should keep tugging lightly on the leash until your dog obeys the command and finally sits.

4.   You can urge your dog to sit if he doesn’t seem to understand the command by gently pushing down on the dog’s back just above the flank.

Again, we recommend that you give your dog rewards or treats each time he obeys the command you give him.

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