Garmin's Guide: How to Train your Dog to Come Here

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Garmin's Guide: How to Train your Dog to Come Here

In this article Garmin explains how to teach your dog to come here.

Make sure that the leash is on your dog before you start your training session. Pick a spot wherein there are no distractions for your dog. Before you proceed to training your dog to “come here”, be sure to teach him the heel and sit commands first. A long leash is also a good option when training “here”.

The “here” command is practically the most important of all since it lets you gain control of your dog. This command is especially useful when you need to call your dog from afar especially from a potentially dangerous situation. Be sure that you are able to properly teach your dog this command.

1.  Move away to the end of the leash while your dog stays in the sitting position.

2.  Call your dog to “come” here and at the same time, tug lightly on the leash.

3.  Praise your dog even from the first instance that he attempts to move towards you. This will encourage him.

4.  If your dog doesn’t go towards your direction, pull the leash lightly and repeat the command.

Do not be discouraged if your dog doesn’t immediately follow this command. Have patience and just keep on trying. As mentioned, consistency will help you achieve the results you want.

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