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Taking Political Aim

by R. Michael DiLullo

First bears, are waterfowl next?
There is a political conspiracy underway in this country to eliminate your Second Amendment rights and to abolish all hunting! Members of this conspiracy are well organized; having ties to a network of many unlikely political associations. The regular cast of characters, groups like the Brady Institute (formerly Handgun Control Incorporated), Americans for Gun Safety (AGS), and others are now aligned and are receiving money, training and political strength from extreme environmental and animal rights groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Greenpeace USA and the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting, along with militant feminists, anti-capitalists, gay rights activists and a cadre of zealots who are actively advancing their radically liberal ideas on America.

These unholy alliances all have a common ideology; they all hate the values of a free democratic society and are out to impose their beliefs on the rest of us by any means possible. They have money, they have political backing and most important; they are pooling their resources. And some of their legislative agendas are becoming laws that will impact on our rights! If you don’t believe it you had better wake up and smell the cloud of cordite hanging over Washington, D.C.!

For several years now, their insidious ideologies and agendas have been gaining acceptance among Hollywood’s “in crowd”, amongst Media elites and Washington insiders. The ideas are usually pushed upon us subtly; satirist themes in movies or sitcoms, comments made by network news anchors or part of the public school systems’ curriculum (or indoctrination). Others are meant to have “shock value,” but later they gain acceptance and become commonplace; cursing and vulgarity is now common on prime-time network programming, in video games and the music industry. Nudity and sex are now required scenes in most feature films. Graphic sexual content is no longer reserved to cable or satellite television; it is also showing up in prime-time programming. And homosexual themes (i.e. Will & Grace, Six feet Under, Oz, Queer as Folk as well as others) are a growing genre on network, cable/satellite and paid programming. The simple psychology of this is that children and young people exposed to these ideals on a regular basis will accept these actions, beliefs and lifestyle choices as “normal” and they will eventually gain acceptance.

Messages such as “guns are evil”, “hunting is bad” and “don’t eat meat” are all common themes of popular television shows and cartoons. Several cable networks actually have programs starring children who play animal rights activists and go around rescuing and saving animals from research labs, zoos and circuses. These romanticized shows are all aimed specifically at the younger viewers and promote an anti-hunting/pro-animal rights agenda.

Their ideology has attacked the fur industry, basically eliminating trapping and the fur trade. They are actively suing firearms manufacturers in an attempt to circumvent the legislative process in an undertaking to bankrupt gun makers. They are also attempting to use the liberal courts to create laws aimed at eliminating hunting; Wisconsin’s 2001 dove season is a prime example. Anti-hunting and animal rights groups together with Wisconsin Citizens Concerned for Cranes and Doves (WCCCD), brought an injunction against the state’s long awaited, first ever Mourning Dove season last September. Their argument stated that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) had no legal authority to institute a season and questioned the DNR’s research and population statistics. They persuaded a judge to go along with their argument and were successful at stopping the 2001 season. However, a recent higher court has overturned the injunction citing that the WCCCD had no legal standing to challenge the Wisconsin DNR. A 2002 season is now being planned.

These groups are also spreading their extreme environmental false views in an effort to eliminate all future exploration of natural resources in this country (Remember drilling for oil in Alaska’s Artic National Wildlife Refuge?). Other falsehoods being disseminated are aimed at ending all trapping, banning all forms of sport hunting and the anti’s primary objective, the elimination of all private ownership of firearms. As an example to the latter, anti-gun groups like AGS, which in reality have no members or any gun safety programs, continue to promote their agenda to eliminate gun shows. They perpetuate a strategy of lies, deception, and the exploitations of tragedies such as Columbine and the attacks of September 11th to promote their anti-Second Amendment policies.
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