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Pro-Ears Dimension Series Sporting Clays (DSC)

In the past, I have always used a pair of disposable sponge plugs or ear inserts to protect my hearing when shooting. While these are probably the most common and inexpensive hearing protection on the market today, they seem to always be missing from my shooting bag or covered in pocket lint when I need them. As I became a more active shooter, I realized it was time to take hearing protection to the next level. My search eventually moved me from the traditional sponge earplugs toward electronic hearing protection (that allows me to hear normal and low volume noises, such as conversation while protecting my ears from loud harmful sounds) -- enter the Pro Ears Dimension Series Sporting Clays (DSC).

EMTTM Gel, The Scientific Breakthrough in Wound Care Technology

Every gundog enthusiast understands the demands that he places on his dogs while in the field. Inevitably, each trip afield is one trip closer to performing some form of field-side first aid. Now, PBI/Gordon Corporation offers a revolutionary first-aid product, EMT™ Gel, which has become a must in the gundog enthusiast’s first-aid kit. EMT™ Gel offers a true breakthrough in wound care technology and is designed to aid in the management of chronic and acute wounds, traumatic wounds, cuts, abrasions, burns, other skin lesions and dermatological conditions.

Innotek Ducks Unlimited Retriever Trainer® – Model DU RR-300S

This entry-level, lightweight, ultra-compact Retriever Trainer® will be a welcomed addition to any gundog owner’s field bag. This unit is ideal for the gundog enthusiast looking for an affordable, easy-to-use and reliable electronic collar for his days in the field.

Training Setters and other Continental Breeds

Training Setters and Continental Breeds with Sherry Ray Ebert is ninety minutes of pure pointing dog education. Sherry Ebert, is a world class professional trainer and field trialer. Her record speaks for itself; she has helped to titled more than twenty-two champions including Field Trial Hall of Fame inductees "Tomoka" and "The Performer." For thirty-two years she was part of the Harold and Sherry team that trained and campaigned the famous Smith Setters. Today, Sherry is recognized worldwide as one of the foremost authorities on training English Setters... This is a "must see" for anyone who owns or trains Setters or any of the Continental breeds! --- Managing Editor