Garmin's Guide: Introducing the Garmin Delta Collar to Your Dog

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Garmin's Guide: Introducing the Garmin Delta Collar to Your Dog

In this article we will explain how introduce the Garmin Delta and Garmin Delta Sport Collars to your dog for the first time. 

The first part of the training doesn’t involve using the Delta system yet but instead, you only use the leash. Once your dog has completed learning the “heel”, “sit” and “here” commands, you can now proceed with training using the collar. At this point, you still have to use the leash.

The objective of the first few stages of the training is to help your dog associate the stimulation to be similar to a tug on the leash. Expect your dog to be startled by the stimulation initially. The important thing to remember here is to start with low stimulation and gradually work your way up. This requires a lot of patience but this is needed to help ensure that your training will be a success.

Keep in mind that when you are using the collar for training, you should be fair and consistent. Repetition will also help ensure the success of the training. You should also show praise to your dog every time he obeys your command.

You can raise the level of stimulation if you notice that your dog doesn’t respond to the current stimulation level you are using. Just be sure to do this gradually until you finally reach the level wherein you get a reaction from your dog. You can then decrease the level of stimulation once you get the results you want and as long as your dog consistently follows your command.

As you progress more into the training, your dog will slowly become competent in following all the commands. Challenge this by showing some distractions to your dog using what usually catches your dog’s attention such as his favorite toy or taking him to an area with a lot of people.

You can now proceed with training with the collar only if you observe that your dog consistently responds to the commands.

Important: Before you ditch the leash, you should always consider if it is suitable to your current community or surroundings. You should also consider your dog’s temper. For example, if you live in an area wherein a dog leash is required, then the option of not using a leash is not applicable.

As you go along with the training, your dog will not need the stimulation every time you give him the command. You just give the correction if your dog doesn’t follow your command the first time you gave it to him.

The use of the collar can now be slowly decreased as the dog learns the commands better. You only remove the collar if you are sure that the dog doesn’t need the collar to follow the commands. If you stop you using the collar too early, you may encounter some problems in the future.

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