Garmin's Guide: How to Train your Dog to Heel

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Garmin's Guide: How to Train your Dog to Heel

In this article Garmin explains how to teach your dog to heel.

Make sure that the leash is on your dog before you start your training session. Pick a spot wherein there are no distractions for your dog.

The “heel command” is the first that you will teach your dog.

1.  Hold the leash and position your dog at your side. Command your dog to “heel” and start taking a few steps forward while pulling on the leash lightly.

2.  Repeat this step each time your dog goes in front of you but each time, you should move to another direction or you can also pull back on the leash.

3.  However, if the dog tends to lag behind you then you should pull the leash gently until the dog returns to your side.

It is a good practice to always give a reward to your dog (a treat or a praise would suffice) each time he obeys your command.

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