How to Replace the Battery on the Garmin Delta Dog Collar

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How to Replace the Battery on the Garmin Delta Dog Collar

In this article we will explain how to replace the battery in the Garmin Delta and Garmin Delta Sport Collars

Be sure to store this product away from direct sunlight to protect the lithium-ion battery in the device. This will help prevent any physical injury or property damaged due to exposure of the battery to very high temperature.

When removing the batteries, never use sharp tools.

Important: Do not dispose of the battery yourself. Contact your local waste disposal department for the proper recycling method of the discarded batteries.

How to Replace the Battery on the Garmin Delta Dog Collar

Make sure that you have cleaned the device from all dirt, moisture, and debris. Also, prepare the security screwdriver that comes together with the new battery.

1.  Start by detaching the security screws from the four corners of the device.

2.  Raise up the battery assembly.

3.  To completely disconnect the connector of the battery from the device, grip the connector wires near the connector and tug at the connector towards the outer part from the circuit board.

4.  You can now connect the new battery assembly by attaching the connector of the battery to the device.

You will know that you installed the battery correctly if the connector plug snaps into the port and the outer face of the connector plug is flush with the edges of the port.

5.  After installation, make sure that the gasket is not destroyed and is completely slotted into the groove.

6.  Place back all four security screws into the device. Do not tighten the screws yet.

7.  Check that there are no gaps and that the back plate and the device are properly aligned.

8.  Finally, tighten the screws. Be sure that they are tightened uniformly.

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