How to Replace the Battery in the Garmin Delta Transmitter

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How to Replace the Battery in the Garmin Delta Transmitter

In this article we will explain how to replace the battery to the Garmin Delta and Garmin Delta Sport  Transmitter.

Notice: Be sure to store this product away from direct sunlight to protect the lithium-ion battery in the device. This will help prevent any physical injury or property damaged due to exposure of the battery to very high temperature.

When removing the batteries, never use sharp tools.

Important: Do not dispose of the battery yourself. Contact your local waste disposal department for the proper recycling method of the discarded batteries.

Components of the Data Handheld Device


Security screws


Back plate




Connector for battery




How to Replace the Battery of the Delta Handheld Device

Make sure that you have cleaned the device from all dirt, moisture, and debris. Also, prepare the security screwdriver that comes together with the new battery.

 There are 6 security screws that should be removed from the back of the device.

1.       Lift up the back plate.

2.       The battery connector wires should be pulled close to the connector. The connector should then be pulled parallel to the circuit board to totally detach the battery connector from the device.

3.       The battery for replacement can now be removed from the back plate. Be sure to take note of its original orientation. Usually, the battery is tightly fitted into the back plate which may require you to pry it out using a non-sharp, non-metal tool.

4.       Basing from the original orientation of the old battery, place the new battery on the back plate. Make sure that the label side is up.

5.       After placing the new battery, you can now proceed with attaching the battery connector to the device. In some cases, the connector plug snaps into the poor when replacement is not done properly.

6.       After installation, make sure that the gasket is not destroyed and is completely slotted into the groove.

7.       Place back all six security screws into the device. Do not tighten the screws yet.

8.       Check that there are no gaps and that the back plate and the device are properly aligned.

9.       Finally, tighten the screws. Be sure that they are tightened uniformly.


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