How to Program the SportDOG SD-1825 for 2 Dog Operation

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How to Program the SportDOG SD-1825 for 2 Dog Operation

For the SportDOGTMCollar Receiver, you have to option to operate it either when the toggle switch is positioned up or down. In order to operate in the two-dog mode, you will have to buy a SportDOG Add-A-Dog® Collar Receiver for this unit.

If your transmitter is set in the toggle up position, program it to mode 1, 4, 5 or 7. If your Remote Transmitter is set in the toggle down position, set it to mode 1, 2, 3, 6 or 7.

To start programming the first Collar Receiver, set the toggle switch to the UP position.

A.  Make sure that the Collar Receiver is switched off.

B.  Continuously push the On/Off  Button until the Indicator Light switches off after around four to five seconds. Be careful not to release the button too early. This will cause the Indicator light to flash as normal. You will have to go back to step A again if this happens.

C.  Stop pressing the On/Off Button once the Indicator Light has gone off.

D.  Push the Upper Button on the Remote Transmitter and continue pressing until you notice the Indicator Light in the receiver is flashing five times.

** For the second Collar Receiver, follow the same procedure from A to D. This time however, set the toggle switch in the DOWN position. **

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