Finding the Correct Level of Intensity for Your Dog Training Collar

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Finding the Correct Level of Intensity for Your Dog Training Collar

Reminder: It is a good practice to start at the minimum level of intensity and gradually increase it as needed.   Dog training collars can be a great tool for training your dog -- the first step of using a dog training collar is to find the correct level of intensity.  This article will walk you through that process.   

The success and efficiency of your dog’s training greatly depends on the proper level of intensity for your dog. Notice for any signs from your dog such as twitching of his ears or shaking of his head. This indicates the Recognition Level for your dog.

How to Identify the Intensity Level of your Dog:

Reminder: The Intensity Level for each dog varies thus you really cannot predict your dog’s level. The best thing to do is to carefully observe your dog for any signs that he is able to feel the stimulation.

1.      Check first that the Collar Receiver has beenswitched on and is snugly fit on your dog. Initially adjust the Intensity Dial of the Remote Transmitter to Level 1 and push the button for Continuous Stimulation for one to two seconds.

2.      If you don’t see any reaction from your dog at this level, move up to level two and repeat step 1.

3.      Watch out for any signs of overstimulation fromyour dog such as vocalization or panicking whenever he receives the correction  .If you observe any of these, it means that the level is too high for your dog.  Move one level lower and repeat step 1.

4.      After identifying the correct Intensity Level for your dog, you can now commence training starting at this level.

5.      Be mindful though that if you have reached level 8 and your dog shows no signs of feeling the stimulation, it is recommended to check the fit of the Collar Receiver on the neck of your dog. After this, start again at level one and do the whole process. If you still don’t see any signs that your dog senses the stimulation, then you can either cut the hair within the vicinity of the Contact Points of the collar or use the longer contact points which comes with your unit.

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