How to Choose and Change the Correct Level of Intensity for the Garmin Delta Series

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How to Choose and Change the Correct Level of Intensity for the Garmin Delta Series

In this article we will explain how to choose and change the intensity levels on the Garmin Delta and Garmin Delta Sport Collars.

1. Initially set the device to the lowest intensity level.

2. Press a training button.

3. Closely observe the reaction of your dog. Look for shaking of the head or a movement of the neck or even a slight change in the dog’s expression. Some dogs even make a sound such as a bark or a whimper whenever they can feel the stimulation. If the dog makes the sound more than once, this indicates that the stimulation is too high.

4. On the contrary, if you don’t observe any reaction from the dog, move one level higher until you see any indication that the dog feels the stimulation.

Once you’ve found the intensity level that gets a slight reaction from your dog, use this as your beginner’s training mode. This procedure for choosing the intensity level should only be done once.

You can adjust the intensity level as you progress with your dog’s training. You should observe your dog’s performance and behavior to know that the stimulation level you are using is the appropriate one. As you go along the training, you may need to adjust the level depending on the actual situation. Just be sure to always consider your dog’s welfare. Don’t use a stimulation that is too high for your dog.

How to Change the Level of Intensity

Each dog collar device can be associated to a different level of intensity.

1.  Choose a dog collar device.

2.  To increase or decrease the level of intensity, press  the "UP" or "DOWN" arrow. You will know the numerical level of intensity by looking at the LCD display.

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