How to Charge the SportDOG SD-1825 Remote Transmitter

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How to Charge the SportDOG SD-1825 Remote Transmitter

1.   Access the Charging Jack by removing the rubber cover which is protecting it.

2.   Get the charger and plug the connector to the Charging Jack.

3.   Find a power socket and plug the charger in.  Make sure that it is a 120-volt outlet.

4.   Charging time is two hours. This is applicable for the initial and the succeeding charges after that. The Remote Transmitter utilizes a Li-Ion battery which needs to be charged for only two hours. Do not worry though if you charge it for more than two hours. This will not harm the unit.

5.   After two hours, unplug the charger. Be sure to put back the rubber cover of the jack.

NOTE: After every charge, the Remote Transmitter can run from 40 to 60 hours. Exact running time will depend on how often the unit is used.

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