How to Charge the SportDOG NoBark 10R

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How to Charge the SportDOG NoBark 10R

If you have just bought a new NoBark 10R unit, charge it first before using it. Do it right by going through the procedure below:

The NoBark 10R is designed with a rechargeable battery unit.  Always recharge it whenever you see the signal that the battery level is low (display shows battery icon with one bar or less and/or you observe three red light flashes every five seconds).

Depending on the frequency of your dog’s barking, the battery normally lasts for about 90 to 180 days. Expect your battery not to last as long as this if you are still on the training stages of your dog since usage is typically greater at this point. Remember to switch off the unit when not being utilized to save on battery life.

Below is the proper way of charging the battery:

1.   Take off the NoBark 10R unit from your dog.

2.   Look for a standard power outlet and plug in the battery charger.

3.   The other end of the battery charger should then be connected to the charger port of the NoBark 10R. You will know that charging has commenced if you see the flashing light sequence: Green-Blue-Red.

4.   When charging your unit, select an area with good air circulation. You will know that charging is ongoing if you notice two flashes of red light every ten seconds.

5.   If you already observe two flashes of greenlight every ten seconds, this means that charging is done. To avoid overcharging, the unit is designed to automatically switch off the battery charger. (Important: Approximate total charging time should be four hours)

6.   Detach the battery charger and the charger port. You will notice the light sequence Red-Blue-Green which denotes that charging is no longer occurring.

7.   Make sure that you unplug the battery charger.

Important: When the batter unit is plugged into the NoBark10R, it will automatically switch off the unit. This means that you have to switch the unit on before starting to use it every time the unit has just been recharged.

Important: You may observe that there is a lag on the indication that charging has started when the battery pack is extremely low (i.e. the unit has been extensively used or has not been used over a long period of time).

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