How to Adjust the Ranges of Stimulation on the SportDOG SD-1825

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How to Adjust the Ranges of Stimulation on the SportDOG SD-1825

The WetlandHunter® 1825 Collar Receiver offers you 3 options for the stimulation range, namely low, medium and high. Each range has eight levels of stimulation within its level. You can start at the weakest stimulation level of 1 and go as high as 8. Out of the box, your unit is set at 2 or medium.

Go through these guidelines to learn how to adjust the stimulation range:

1.  Check that the unit is switched off.

2.   Push the on/off button to switch the unit on.

3.   Wait for five seconds after the Indicator Light goes off then press the on/off button and hold for three seconds.

4.   You will then hear one beep from the Collar Receiver. This time, the Indicator Light will turn orange and flash. This is the setting for a stimulation range of Low.  Keep on pressing the on/off button if you want to set the unit to Medium or High. Hold the button up to the point that you get the equivalent number of beeps/orange flashes depending on your desired stimulation range.

5.      Once you have chosen your preferred range, let go of the button; this will cause the Collar Receiver to switch off.

6.      You may now switch the unit back on. Notice that you will hear beeping depending on what stimulation range you have selected in the fourth step.

1 beep – Low Stimulation for Mild Temperament Dog

2 beeps - Medium Stimulation for Moderate Temperament Dog

3 beeps – High Stimulation for Stubborn Temperament Dog

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