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Purina Pro Plan Performance Bar
Like professional athletes, hunting dogs can benefit from performance / nutrition bars to promote endurance and aid in their recovery in the field. To help promote peak performance in the field, Purina nutrition scientists have created the Purina Pro Plan Performance Bar – a break-through nutritional supplement for hardworking dogs.

Purina nutritional studies have shown that gun dogs can deplete their energy stores, known as glycogen, during intense work in the field. The Pro Plan Performance Bar helps your gun dog recover faster and perform at optimal levels by speeding the replenishment of glycogen. The primary ingredient, Maltodextrin is an optimal carbohydrate that aids in a dog’s ability to replenish energy.

The Purina Performance Bar should be given before your dog hits the field to help prepare the dog for exertion. During the hunt, your dog should be feed a half a bar per 50 pounds of body weight every 45-60 minutes. At the end of the hunt, you should give your dog one additional bar per 50 lbs. of body weight. This will aid in the dog’s recovery and promote endurance on back to back hunts.

Tri-Tronics Sport 80M
This year Tri-Tronics developed an intermediate level remote training collar for sportsmen who want more levels of stimulation than the Sport 50S and Sport 60S collars. The Tri-Tronics Sport 80M includes 12 levels of momentary stimulation (compared with 6 levels on the Sport 50S and 60S) and 6 levels of continuous stimulation plus tone functionality, making this a full-featured electronic dog training collar. The Tri-Tronics collar weighs 8.8 ounces and is powered by a Ni-MH rechargeable battery. Each collar is 29 inches in length and come with interchangeable probes to ensure proper fit for any sporting breed.

The sleek, smaller design of the transmitter is popular with sportsmen and comes with the new Mighty Micro Antenna, creating a super compact transmitter. The transmitter is water resistant and operates off of a standard 9-volt battery. For best results and accessibility you may wish to consider a Tri-Tronics Sport Holster as it clips to your belt leaving your hands free to handle your dog.

Nutrazyme Industries has created high quality all-natural products dedicated to helping your dog's performance in the field. The cornerstone of Nutrazyme's performance is the process of microencapsulating technology that protects and coats probiotics contained in the product line. Probiotics are beneficial living bacteria that promote healthy digestion and allow your dog to digest food more efficiently. The encapsulation process protects the living bacteria giving it a 100% survival rate which delivers that extra edge towards your dog’s performance. Nutrazyme has a suite of products that contain this new technology but Electromax and Oral Canine Paste are the most portable for the field.

Electromax is a balanced high energy electrolyte paste that will aid in keeping your dog hydrated in the field. Proper water management will not only let you hunt longer but you will have a higher chance of hunting hard for consecutive days. Electromax comes in a 30 cc tube that you can easily take into the field and dogs seem to love the taste.

Nutrazyme’s Oral Canine Paste is a concentrated version of the Select Dog Powder which is designed to enhance your dog's digestion as well as help with conditions such as hot spots, diarrhea and skin conditions. The paste is easily administered in the field and comes in a 15 cc tube.

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