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Super Waterfowler Choke Tube
Since 1981, George Trulock has been manufacturing choke tubes for the shooting industry and one of the only manufacturers to offer a waterfowl tube for just about every major firearm on the market. Each tube sold has a LIFETIME warranty and if the choke does not perform to your liking there is a 60 day return/exchange policy.

The Trulock Super-Waterfowl Choke Tube is made from a special space age alloy that has the twice the strength of 17-4 stainless steel. This choke will never wear out and can take the abuse of thousands upon thousands of magnum waterfowling loads.

The Super-Waterfowler System is comprised of 3 separate long range choke tubes, each with a different constriction and designed for use with specific shot size. See the chart below for the manufacturer’s recommendations in regards to choke selection for different shot sizes.

Choke SizeSteel ShotTungsten Alloy Hevi Shot
Full #1 - .030 F thru BBB Not Recommended Not Recommended
Full #2 - .040 BB thru #2 BB thru #1 Not Recommended
Full #3 – .050#3 thru #6#2 and smaller ALL SIZES

Stranger Choke Tubes
Strangler Choke Tubes have been growing in popularity among goose hunters all over the nation. Strangler boasts the ability to not only increase your range but your patterns penetration by 10 – 25%. This specialty choke tube is well suited for pass shooting or when you need the knock down power and penetration on tough birds like geese and sea ducks. While Strangler Tubes do not have a restriction on shot size you may find its peak performance at distances 40 yards, plus. In a manufacturer study, most major brands of ammunition held a 30” pattern at 40 yards and saw an increase in pattern density ranging from 8 – 45% percent versus the tightest OEM choke.

Pro Ears
Pro-Ears Advantage MAX4 Stalkers offer the ultimate in electronic hearing protection. This Dimension series muff offers a 20 NRR and DLSC (Dynamic Level Sound Compression). Unlike most electronic hearing protection on the market today that utilizes peak clipping technology, the Pro Ears Stalker uses compression technology. With peak clipping technology the unit shuts off when it encounters harmful noises; while the compression technology reduces or compresses harmful sounds to a safe level without shutting the unit off, allowing you to always hear your surroundings.

The Pro-Ears Stalker offers independent volume control which can amplify sound up to 8 times (up to 50 dB of gain). The Stalker has a chop-cup design, ideal for shotgunners who need a cup design that will not interfere with proper gun mount. Pro-Ears has also improved the comfort of their muffs by adding a full adjustable headband and new soft ear cushions to their units. Pro-Ears also has a full 5 year warranty and is proudly made in the USA.

Ear Inc – Mini Canal
Over 28 million people suffer from significant hearing loss in the United States alone. With growing concern regarding hearing loss, E.A.R. Inc has developed a new line of small, discreet earplugs that fit comfortably into the ear. The Mini Canal comes in two models, analog and digital. Both models feature a moisture resistant casing, operate 200 plus hours on a single battery, and feature independent volume controls with feedback suppression. The digital unit offers the best clarity and sound enhancement, ideal for individuals who have a known hearing loss or are looking for zero percent distortion while in the field. Additionally, the digital model features specialized electronics which filters and reduces wind noise and other unwanted background sounds. If a custom-fit is preferred, E.A.R. Inc can manufacture a filtered earplug which can be used "as is" in the field, or can be adapted to house the Mini-Canal to provide electronic enhancement of your surrounding sounds. This "Combo-Mold" can be bought at the time of purchase, or added at a later date.
The E.A.R. MiniCanal™ Series comes with a one-year unconditional warranty against defects in materials or workmanship, and a 30-day privilege to return after date of purchase for a full refund or upgrade to a custom unit. Units can be purchased individually and contain two sizes of silicone tips, cleaning brush, batteries, hard storage case and lanyard.

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