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Decoy Dancer
For waterfowlers using Big Foot Full Body Decoys, Decoy Dancer offers you the low cost solution to adding life-like movement to your spread. As Decoy Dancer states, “these easy to use bases provide motion that’s second only to nature”. The Decoy Dancer base is wind operated and provides motion with even the slightest breeze. They have been thoroughly tested in wind ranging from 1 mph – 50 mph and still perform as designed. The bases are fully adjustable for varying wind conditions and if it is too gusty the lock down setting will prevent the decoy from moving at all. Now you can have 12 birds moving all for under the price of one battery operated spinner decoy. The base is built out of an extremely durable space-age material and installs in minutes without cutting or damaging your goose decoy.

If you are looking for that edge or hunt pressured birds, Decoy Dancer is a solution for adding Mother Nature to your rig. Please visit to view free online videos and watch these decoys in action.

Wing Magic
Due to their effectiveness, motion decoys have drawn attention of more than just waterfowlers. Recently, legislation has been brought forth in some states banning the use of mechanically aided goose decoys used by waterfowlers. Wing Magic Decoys has introduced a new motion decoy that is not mechanically aided but powered by a simple pull string. No longer will you have to worry about battery life or Mother Nature to provide motion to your rig. After initial assembly, Magic Wing Decoy can be added to your rig in minutes. The decoy is set up at the waterline and the pull cord moves the wings in a back and forth motion thus churning the water and creating a commotion that will brings ducks in for a closer look.

If you hunt flooded timber or standing non tidal water you will find the greatest value to Wing Magic Decoys. Tidal hunters who decided on this decoy will find themselves constantly adjusting to changes in tide. Currently, Wing Magic is made only in one species and is available in hen or drake Mallard.

Static Motion
Static Motion Products presents one of the most innovative produce into the waterfowling industry this year. Static Motion Wings are a new imagery technology that gives your decoys a wing “fluttering” effect without the use of batteries, wind or a pull cord. As ducks move over the spread, the holographic wings (attached to your existing decoy) gives the effect of a duck moving its wings. The holographic wings are easily installed on each side of your decoy and in seconds can convert a standard decoy into a Static Motion Decoy. By far, this is one of the most economical ways to add motion to your decoy spread. For just $19.95 you can equip 6 decoys and set them up in just minutes.

Static Motion Wings work on just about any decoy as they have been field tested by dove hunters to goose hunters.

Quack Grass
The importance of concealment in waterfowl hunting cannot be stressed enough. Weather you’re hunting a field or over water, ducks and geese are very discriminatory about movement and objects that do not belong in their habitat.

Quack Grass is made of hand woven palm fronds that helps hunters blend in perfectly with their surroundings. The woven palm material offers a very natural 3 dimensional appearance. Quack Grass is the only manufacturer offering large sheets of woven grass (measuring 5’ x 8’ and perfect for covering a large blind). Quack Grass can be cut to fit custom blinds without worrying about unraveling. Each lightweight sheet is built to last multiple seasons and the more time in the field the better it looks and performs. Before the season, you may need to condition your grass by leaving it outdoors and in the elements for a few weeks to darken to a dead marsh grass appearance.

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